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Tidy Books Bookshelf #Review (Plus Facebook Giveaway!)

Disclosure: Thanks to Tidy Books for working with me and Mommy’s Block Party, I was lucky enough to receive the Tidy Books bookshelf, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  Tidy Books products including their bookshelves are not just nice to look at they are good for the planet too!  Your experience with this product may differ.

Tidy Books is an independent company, established in 2004, by company founder, Geraldine Grandidier who created the first Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase for her daughter.  Our designs for children are original and practical ideas to make books a natural part of your child’s world, planting a love of reading.  Our child-centred storage designs give your children a space that is theirs to own, building their sense of independence.

We don’t make products for anyone else and our innovative designs are unique.   Built with an eye to becoming your family’s heirloom, Tidy Books’ designs are built to last and will adapt as your family grows up.

Tidy Books aims to tread lightly on the planet; our products are made from sustainable sources and finished in an environmentally friendly Water Lacquer.  We do our bit, and raise money for our chosen charity, Save the Children too.”

(from the Tidy Books website)

Cameron’s Tidy Books bookshelf (before)

Now, I would consider myself pretty handy.  I tend to be the one who puts stuff together around our house; and the Tidy Books bookshelf was no different.  That was until I opened the box and found the directions.  There were about 100 screws, and the most simple directions ever; so I thought I was in for a long afternoon.

The worlds most direct and simplest instructions EVER

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised at the ease that our Tidy Books bookshelf went together.  The directions were simple, easy to follow and most importantly, all the pieces were there.  It did take a little bit to put it together, since all of the screws used an allen wrench to tighten, but nonetheless, it was a smooth process.

All put together on the kitchen floor

Now came the “fun part...” mounting our Tidy Books bookshelf to the wall.  I again wondered- how could this be simple?  Well, by this time, I was exhausted, not from putting the Tidy Books bookshelf together, but the mass rearranging of Cameron’s room to put it in there.  So, along comes my hubby, I told him where I wanted it and bam, it was done.  So simple to put small holes in the wall, the plastic screw holdy thingies in there to keep it sturdy, and ta-da, we had Tidy Books success!

Cameron’s Tidy Books bookshelf mounted and full of books

Now the directions say it will hold 80 books, and I am sure that if they are smaller, you can definitely get more on there.  I have 30 books on there and there is plenty of room left for more.  Not only do we love the look of this sleek and super cute Tidy Books bookshelf, Cameron does too.  When he went to go to bed last night he saw it and said, “oooooooo ook momma ooooooo,” so it has the 14 month old seal of approval, also.

Tidy Books has more than just bookshelves! Check out these other super cute and sturdy Tidy Books products! (Keep an eye out for future reviews on these products, too!)

Tidy Books Box

Bunkbed Shelves

Baby Buddy

Here is the Tidy Books bookshelf in a few other adorable colors...

Want it?? Buy it!!

Want your own Tidy Books bookshelf or other Tidy Books products?  You can find them online at the Tidy Books website.  You can also follow Tidy Books on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with current deals, specials and new products.

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Want It? Win It!

Tidy Books is giving MBP readers the chance to win their very own Tidy Books Children's Bookcase over on their Facebook Page! Just click here to go to the giveaway page an to enter for your chance to win! *Please note that MBP is not responsible for this giveaway, contacting a winner, or shipping the prize.

Special thanks to Tidy Books for allowing our team to be a part of the Tidy Books Ambassador Program, and for allowing us to share about their products.

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