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Pack Your Snacks with Ease (and Added Fun!) with Wexy Bags (Review & Giveaway)

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I was lucky enough to have recently been sent some super cool Wexy Bags to try out and spread the word on.  Sandwich baggies are pretty plain and boring to look at not to mention not the best thing for the environment, that was until Wexy Bags came into this world.

 About Wexy Bags...

 “WEXY snack bags help preserve the earth that gives us the very products we need. The snack bags are eco-friendly bags. They're biodegradable, disposable, recyclable, and reusable bags. They are packaged using 100% recycled material. - now kids can get excited about sustainable practices, be eco friendly and learn how to be environmentally friendly while they have fun eating.” 
(taken from the Wexy Bags website)

Wexy Bags are not only good for the environment, they are adorably decorated with “Monsters”. “Kids no longer have to feel left out when surrounded by the bright colors and characters that bombard the grocery stores and kids lunch boxes. Each WEXY monster is a custom design with his or her own story, allowing kids to interact with the visual aspect of their food in the same way that conventional cereal and cookie boxes do.”

(taken from the Wexy Bags website)

The adorable box Wexy Bags come in

Meet the Wexy Bag Monsters...

“Hi!  My name is Sammy and I love the ocean!  Isn’t going to the beach so much fun?  Playing in the waves is my favorite thing to do.  There are so many great activities to do near the ocean.”
(taken from the Wexy Bags website)

“Hello my name is Scout…and I love playing kids sports.  Soccer is my favorite!  I like to play sports with my friends everyday.  After I practice kicking the soccer ball a little on my own, I try to help my little sister learn to kick, too.  She isn’t big enough to play on my team yet, but it’s really fun to teach her.”
(taken from the Wexy Bags website)

“Hi!  My name is Bailey and making bubbles is something I love to do... Yellow is my favorite color!  I try to wear something yellow almost every day; I get really excited when I find books at the library with yellow covers and lots of fun pictures with yellow characters.  Isn’t the library so much fun?  My mom helped me talk to the librarian and get my very own library card.  I keep it in a safe place at home and use it when I go to the library so that I can check out books by myself.”
(taken from the Wexy Bags website)

'Hellllooooo!!!  I’m Dusty the Diver.  Have you seen my goggles anywhere?  I’m getting ready for an exciting adventure diving underwater and I have my purple flipper fins, my purple snorkel, and all I need to find are my purple goggles.  Can you guess what my favorite color is?  That’s right – PURPLE!!  Playing in the water and diving with my goggles is so much fun….I guess that is why my name is Dusty the Diver.”

(taken from the Wexy Bags website)

Onto my review...

Now that we have met the monsters, and know a little bit about the company, let me tell you how great these Wexy Bags really are.  I am sure some of you are on board already, just because of the biodegradable factor, some are on board because of the super cute monsters, right? Well, now it’s time to get the rest of you on board with the amount of stuff you can fit inside a Wexy Bag.

I wanted to conduct a little experiment to see just how much I could fit into a Wexy Bag; well, I was pleasantly surprised what I ran out of marshmallows to stuff into the bag.  It may look like my Wexy Bag is about to bust at the seams, but I really could have fit just a few more in there!!!  Can you guess how many marshmallows are in my Wexy Bag???

If you guessed 86 marshmallows you are correct!!!  I stuffed 86 marshmallows into my Wexy Bag, that is a lot of marshmallows.  I was amazed, that a 5”x6” bag could hold so much!  I immediately began using my Wexy Bags to take snacks along for Cameron in the diaper bag, and for storage at the house.  I just used a sharper marker to write on the bags to label them and ta da my “bulk snacks” now have a happy colorful home in a Wexy Bag.

My Wexy Bags labeled for storage

“Healthy living means investing in the future: cultivating our children's bodies, minds and natural resources. WEXY monsters help moms nourish kids' spirits through education while they nourish their bodies.”  (take from the Wexy Bags website) All Wexy Bags are made in the USA, by two moms with a passion for healthy eating, their childrens health and the environment.

Want it?? Buy it!!!

Want your own
Wexy Bags for your family?  You can buy them online directly from the Wexy Bags website, or you can find them online at Amazon.com. Right now for our readers use coupon code Wexy2013 on Amazon.com for 30%!!! Get your 3 pack here and your single packs here.  There are also a few retailers here in the US that sell Wexy Bags, and a link to suggest a store near you to sell them.  You can also find Wexy Bags on facebook.  

Want it?? Win it!!

One lucky Mommy’s Block Party reader will win a 3 pack of their very own
Wexy Bags! Yay! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to the gals at Wexy Bag for allowing us to try out these awesome, and adorable bags, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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