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My Happy Family Urbio Urban Vertical Garden (Guest Review & Giveaway Event)

Meet Urbio

Review by Liz of WomanlyWoman.com

I seriously have fallen in love with My Urbio urban vertical garden. It's not just because I had the chance to email with Beau (in the video) and find out how passionate he is about his product. (I love entrepreneurs!) It's because the product really is as cool as it seems. Here are some images Beau gave me to share with everyone:

  Urbio Desk EnvironmentUrbio Living Environment Urbio Office Environment 
 Seriously, the creativity with this product is endless. Beau sent me a My Happy Family (value $175). What a generous dude! The package includes:
- 6 Wall Plates (with Brackets, Screws and Sheet Rock Anchors)
- 1 Big Daddy
- 1 String Bean
- 1 Wide Mouth
- 3 Shorty
My boyfriend helped me do all of the manual labor associated with installing the Urbio. I decided I wanted to focus on 4 wall plates and then use all of the pieces on those plates. (Of course I have plans for the other 2 but haven't had the ability to motivate my boyfriend to install them as well... that's just how it goes sometimes. I'll have to bake him a pie or something. lol).

Anyhow, I have now been using my Urbio for over a month. It is in my tiny, urban apartment. My bathroom is super, super small and I have had no where to put my belongings. I've also had 2 plants that are near death. You'll seem them in the photos. I believe with the Urbio I may be able to nurse them back to health. Space really is very limited in my tiny apartment so being able to put things on the wall is very necessary.

Here is a picture I put on instagram a month ago:
Urbio on Instagram WomanlyWoman
I seriously almost took another picture, but you know what... it actually looks exactly like that right now. No change. To me, that means it works. It really does the job. It stores my Mary Kay, a hair brush, some plants, and my curling iron. I can also add some cute magnets to decorate the wall! My boyfriend will get frustrated with me if I don't say it was quite a bit of work for him. The reason it was work is because our building was probably built in the 1940s. As a result, the walls are plaster. The hardware included with the Urbio would be great for any normal urban apartment. I am pretty sure I could have installed it myself if it were drywall. The instructions were great and very detailed. Everything you need is in the kit except for your basic tools (e.g. a drill). The website is also very helpful regarding tips on how to use the Urbio. To sum it up: I highly recommend it! :)

As Seen on Shark Tank

Urbio was in Season 4, Epsiode 14 of Shark Tank. Here is information about the episode:
ENTREPRENEUR: Beau Oyler & Jared Aller PITCH: Urbio ASKING FOR: $300k for a 12% stake BEST PART OF THE PITCH: Beau and Jared put their minds together to come up with a way for those who live in smaller homes to have indoor plants. They created a modern, vertical garden that's a fully modular system designed to fit on any wall. Magnets allow the plant holders to attach to any metal surface including their own metal wall plates. They've had a great response and have sold in 50 different countries. They have $125k in sales in the first four months. DO THE SHARKS BITE? Mark has actually been contacted by Beau and Jared before. Because he knows more about the investment than the other sharks do, he feels compelled to disqualify himself from the negotiations right away. In other words, he's out. Kevin offers the guys $300k for 20%. Robert offers them $400k for 20%. $300k of that is for the equity and the other $100k is to hire someone to run the business fulltime. Daymond would want to ask for way more than what his fellow sharks are offering, so he's out. Lori offers them $300k for 20%. Kevin tries to steer them away from Lori by calling QVC's audience old. Lori says, "Sometimes you remind me of a golf ball—small, bald and I want to hit you 300 feet away from me." THE RESULT: Beau and Jared have three offers on the table. Lori and Robert get into a shark fight over the product. Beau tries to sweeten the deal by showing them all a purchase order from a container store for $150k. This has Lori saying she'll go down to 15%. Robert goes down to 17.5%. Kevin stands firm. The guys decide they want to keep their equity, so they partner with Lori to help their make their indoor plant business truly grow.  

Enter to win your very own My Happy Family Urbio Urban Vertical Garden

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