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Make a Splash with Nuby Bath Toys! (#Review)

We can never have too many bath toys, it is the only thing that keeps my on the go toddler sitting instead of standing in the tub.  Our theory is the more the merrier.  Nuby has a bath toy that is not only fun for Cameron to play with but us too.  Meet Squid the Squirter.

Squid the Squirter is a fun water squirting bath toy that can be used in or out of the tub.  It’s easy and fun to use, you just put the squid feet in the water and pull up on the handle to fill with water and then aim and push on the handle.

Squid the Squirter

Squid the Squirter can be used in the bath, the pool or even in the front yard for a fun water battle using a bucket or bowl for refills.  Cameron loves to squirt me when he is getting a bath.

Cameron loves Squid the Squirter

Squid the Squirter gets some distance when the water “squirts” out, but it is not a hard stream, it won’t harm you or your child.  Squid the Squirter is recommended for children 18m or older, however Cameron does play with it, I have not seen any parts that are small or would cause a choking hazard so I would say if you're enjoys a good water toy Squid the Squirter would be a fabulous addition to bath time, they just may not be able to fill or get the water out, but that is what mommies and daddies are for.

Want it?? Buy it!!

You can find Squid the Squirter and other Nuby bath toys online at these retailers;  Buybabydirect.com, cookieskids.com and amazon.com you may also be able to find Squid the Squirter in your local retailers like; Walmart, Babies r Us or Target.

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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