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Education at Our Fingertips

A couple of weeks ago, I was volunteering with a group of moms at my church for the Wednesday after school program. One of the moms that I volunteer with teaches at a local elementary school, and was telling us that she had just left a meeting, where there was a discussion about having iPads available for teachers and students to use in the classroom. I couldn't help but think, 'Wow! We sure have come a long way with how we use technology in the classroom!'

When I was a little girl, I remember being very excited to be able to watch videos in class. I even remember the 'computer station,' we had, which was a single classroom computer that had to be shared among thirty students and one teacher. I remember a single computer lab for the entire school, where students gathered to learn how to type, etc. Things are so different, today! Classrooms now come stocked with the latest technology for teachers and students, giving several different mediums for teaching and learning. By the time my (now) two-year-old is starting school, he'll probably be creating art through Apps, instead of on plain paper!

Technology not only makes it easy for teachers and children in school to experience new techniques, it allows the teaching and the learning to continue at home. I am constantly amazed by the things I am able to teach my son about, because we have access to the Internet, laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones. etc. My son already knows how to find his very own learning Apps on his daddy's Nook! Technology even makes it possible for busy moms like me to continue their education through custom elearning development resources. I never dreamed that I would be interested in pursuing a new career field, until a year ago or so. There's a whole world of learning opportunities out there, that can help prepare individuals to truly succeed in their chosen career paths. I can even attend a class online, in my pajamas, in the comfort of my own home, when it's convenient for me to do so! Thanks so modern technology, there's no need for excuses when it comes to education! It's truly right at our fingertips!

How has technology changed the way you or your children learn?

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