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Azuli Skye w/ Anna

April Spotlight Sponsor

We have introduced a lot of new Spotlight Sponsors to our readers over the past few months. One of our newer sponsors is Anna Howard with Azuli Skye. Azulie Skye is a unique jewelry company that began in 2008 as a small at home business and has since grown into a nationwide company. Anna, a Founding Director with Azuli Skye is based in North Carolina and absolutely loves what she does. To find an Azuli Skye consultant near you check out their website.

You were introduced to the lovely Anna Howard back in February when she sponsored a review and awesome giveaway of the Starlit Daisy Necklace with Steph. Well today Anna and I are keeping the theme of stars and flowers! I will be introducing you to the Art Deco inspired piece Star Blossom from Anna and Azuli Skye.
Silk sack to help protect my necklace

Yay! It looks like a present!!

Fresh out of the bag.

Close up of the pendent. There are small crystals around the edge.
I wish you could see it sparkle! 
Star Blossom is a necklace and earrings set that can be purchased together or separately. After Anna and I got to talking she decided to send me the Star Blossom necklace because it is almost exactly the same as the tattoo that I have on my right foot.
Isn't this crazy cool?!
 We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share such a cool coincidence and story with our readers. My tattoo has a lot of personal meaning and brings up some great stories from my life. I'm so excited that I now have a necklace that will bring me the same feelings! Plus it is something I don’t ever have to keep covered.

Rockin my Star Blossom necklace!

I added some extra length to the chain so it hangs a little lower.
The Star Blossom necklace and earrings from Azuli Skye would make a great Mothers Day gift for that special mommy in your life. However, if stars and flowers aren’t your thing, check out some of the other jewelry Azuli Skye has to offer. I'm sure you will find something that fits your mama’s favorite style.

Azuli Skye has everything for your Chic mama.

Have a classic mom? Azuli Skye has their style!

Azuli Skye loves the young fresh mommy!

Have a mom that loves the vintage life? Azuli Skye can help them get in touch with their inner Marilyn.

Don't worry wild mommy's Azuli Skye has you covered too! 

Want It? Buy It!
Azuli Skye is always just a mouse click away. Just log on to Anna’s site and start shopping. Make sure you check out their monthly specials and Hostess Exclusives.
You can also find Anna and Azuli Skye on facebook. 

Happy shopping!

Thank you to Azuli Skye and Anna for sending me such cool necklace! I absolutely LOVE it!


  1. Isn't it cool? I saw the necklace in the catalog and just had to tell Anna about it! She had actually ordered a different piece for me but canceled her order and changed it because we both though the connection was super neat.

  2. Jess it was Karma girl. So excited to have you do the review of this necklace. Thank you so much!

  3. You are so welcome Anna! You were awesome to work with!


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