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My Spring and Summer Wardrobe Wishlist for My Toddler

Last week, I started the un-fun task of weeding through Balian's closet and dresser drawers. I began re-arranging, sorting, and packing away articles of clothing from last spring and summer that I know he won't fit into this season. After I finished, I quickly noticed that there were hardly an short sleeved t-shirts left hanging in the closet, and the dresser drawers contained few pairs of shorts. Along with needing new summer clothes, none of the shoes or sandals from last summer fit Balian anymore (which is to be expected), so I am looking at having to buy him an entirely new spring and summer wardrobe.

It gets pretty warm here in the Carolinas once spring officially arrives, so I need pieces that will make seasonal transitions easy. I also need to find a good mix of play clothes, and nicer clothing for church and outings. I've gotten a pretty good handle on my child's growth rate, and know that if I buy one size up, we'll be good for the remainder of the season. This means that I don't have anything to fear, when it comes to buying clothing online, and it's a good thing, because I've just made a big wishlist of some summer clothes for my toddler from Alex & Alexa.

Alex & Alexa has quite a few adorable outfits for babies, boys and girls, plus shoes, items for the home, learning toys, and much more! My list grew fairly long pretty quickly, and it's easy to see why!

Ralph Lauren Polo and Shorts Set

I would love to see Balian in this smart Ralph Lauren Polo set this summer! This set is casual enough for him to wear any day of the week, but it's also dressy enough for him to wear to church on Sunday, or to the lake, for an afternoon of boating with our family and friends!

Bench Gray Jersey Shorts

Sweat Shorts (likes these, from Bench), are a summertime staple! I love shorts like these, because they are easy to wash and wear! I don't really care if they get grass stains or dirt streaks on them, and they can be paired with just about any polo or t-shirt to make an outfit complete!

Tommy Hilfiger Blue Chino Shorts

How adorable are these Blue Chino Shorts by Tommy Hilfiger? I definitely want to get a pair of these for Balian to wear while we're at the beach on our family vacation this summer. They'll be wonderful for a nice family dinner out, and can be paired with a nice shirt, a polo or even a t-shirt. I see these getting a lot of wear, all summer long!

Vans Denim Authentic Lace-Up Sneakers

I know that Balian will need some comfortable sneakers before summer rolls around, and I love these sneakers from VANS! I can see B riding his bike with these on, or just kicking back and playing in the back yard!

Moulin Roty Cream Teepee

Oh, and because I'm the kind of mom who just can't help herself from buying treats, I'd love to get this adorable TeePee for Balian to play in- out in our yard! I can ask our pal Derek to bring his guitar over and we can have a true camp-out!

I wish I had known about alexandalexa when Balian was younger, but since I didn't, I'll just have to make up for it now! Both my husband and I are very impressed by the variety of styles, sizes, designers and price points that Alex & Alexa offers... something that busy parents on a budget can surely smile about! We can't wait to see our little munchkin all decked out in his new spring and summer outfits!

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