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Looking for a Unique Gift? Check Out Cafe Press!

Since I became a mom, I've contantly been on the hunt for cute clothing for my son, and I'm okay with him wearing things that are different from what all of the other little boys and girls are wearing. I'm a big fan of cute T-shirts with funny little sayings on them, as well as personalized clothing and accessories, too.


I'm excited to be working with Cafe Press, and wanted to take a few minutes to introduce you to their company, before I officially review some of their items. Cafe Press offers unique products, which express they way people feel, and love. In fact, on average, Cafe Press adds 135,000 new designs each and every week! Cafe Press carries a wide variety of products ranging from hats and tote bags to t-shirts and home decor. 

With over 2 million shops on Cafe Press, there are over 300 million products to choose from! Every topic, subject matter, or cause you could ever think of is present on Cafe Press! You can shop by category, shop by interest, or shop by brand. If you have a clever idea for a personalized gift, you can design it and buy it, or design it an sell it in your very own Cafe Press shop!

Here are a few of the items I'm loving right now, which are available from Cafe Press...

Time to Scrapbook Mug
I'm a big fan of scrapbooking, and used to do a lot more of it. I still have photos to scrap from my son's birth, and first year of life to present day! Cafe Press has a lot of different coffee mug designs that are cute, funny, and clever! These make great gifts!

Maternity - Most Popular Maternity Dark T-Shirt

I'm not currently expecting, but I definitely would have worn this maternity tee when I was pregnant with B. I'd love to have one of these for round two! Cafe Press has all sorts of fun t shirts that are a must-see!

kids tshirt
One of the best things about Cafe Press, is that if I can't find something that I like, or what I'm looking for, I can create a shirt, myself. I'm still thinking about customizing a few t-shirts for B to wear this summer! I won't be able to stick him in a shirt with his name on it for much longer, so I'm going to take advantage of that while I still can!

Cafe Press is a great place to look for or create gifts for just about any occasion- birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, weddings, new babies, etc. I love looking through their fun designs and finding items for everyone in my family!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Cafe Press and take a look around. They are always adding new items, so even if you've been to their website before, you'll want to go back to see what's new! 

Check back in a few weeks for my Cafe Press review!

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