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Initials Inc w/ Jenn Jones Hobo Review

 Initials Inc 
W/ Jenneifer Jones
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When it comes to being a “girly girl” I fail pretty miserably. I don’t like to wear dresses and skirts, I don’t wear makeup, I rarely wear jewelry other than earrings and my wedding and engagement rings, and I only style my hair because its short and I have to if I don’t want to be a complete hot mess. However, there are two “girly” traits I have, and you better believe I'm proud of them!

My name is Jessica and I am the owner of a lot of shoes and a lot of purses/bags. I try to explain to my hubby that when it comes to purses and shoes I don’t buy a lot. However, when I do buy new ones I save my old ones because you never know when you’re going to need a different purse or shoe for a specific outfit or event. Am I right? I'm right. You ladies understand. Needless to say I have a few shoes and purses in my closet, and packed in boxes, and on shelves in my parents garage, and the closet at my parents house. I'm pretty sure when we had our annual Raschke Family Garage sale last summer I sold one pair of shoes and close to 15 bags and I still need both hands to count the ones I have. Ok… I might have a problem but admitting it is the first step to recovery right?

Now that I’ve wasted time rambling about my obsession with shoes and purses I want to tell you all about my newest Hobo bag from the lovely Jenneifer Jones and Initials, Inc. Its really pretty, and light, and really pretty, and functional, and really pretty, and the perfect size, and oh did I mention really pretty? My new Hobo is in the super pretty new print Cabo. 
It just screams summer fun and I love it! My Hobo is roomy enough for all the must haves, but not so huge that I'm digging for hours to fnd my keys. At 17”W by 15”H by 0.5”D it’s the perfect size to use every day. Made of durable cotton, My Hobo bag will last and be easy to clean. I like having the one handle to carry, and it fits perfectly under my arm. 
Even the inner lining is super cute!

Jenneifer also sent me a cute mirror fab.

Good thing too, cause Im always using my phone as a mirror.

The Hobo also comes in Poppy Suzani print and Gray Ikat print.

I think my favorite thing about my Hobo is the print itself. Cabo is a fun, summery print that makes me want to go to the beach. Speaking of the beach, Spring Break is FINALLY here! Let Initials, Inc. help make your beach experience the best! They have everything you need for a day in the sun.

Pack your Day Tripper with towels, Frisbees, sunscreen, and all your beach goodies.

Use the Initials, Inc. Sarong as a gorgeous bathing suit cover.

Pack a yummy picnic in the Initials Inc. Triple Play cooler.

And don’t forget the Aqua Tote to hold all your wet things on the way home.

While you are shopping the Initials, Inc. catalog for your every day and Spring Break needs, make sure you check out thier spread on our awesome spotlight sponsor Jenneifer Jones! Doesn't she look fabulous?!

Want It? Buy It!
Jenneifer is great to work with and would love to help you pick out some great products from Initials, Inc. Don’t forget to personalize your order too, its always free with Initials, Inc. While you’re shopping make sure you check out how you can host your own Initials, Inc. party, or join in and sell on your own.
Many thanks to Jenn with Initials, Inc! My new Hobo bag is amazing, and I love it!

Disclosure: Other than the above-mentioned bag that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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