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How to Host the Perfect House Party (Guest Post)

Instead of going out, why not push the boat out and stay in to entertain your family and friends under one roof? There are tons of considerations, which needn’t be stressful if you plan in advance. The location obviously plays a huge part in a successful house party. If you've got a home in Fort Myers, Florida for instance, people are most definitely going to want to come. So, although you can’t move property just for the party, you can put the ‘Florida party house’ into your home, wherever you live. Here are some handy tips to help you plan the perfect party for every one from the toddlers to your old college buddies.

So, the first step is to create a list of prospective invitees taking into account their age, how you know them as well as their personalities (drunk as well as sober). The amount of great parties that quickly take a turn for the worst when your neighbor has a few beers and starts telling your cousin how awful their clothes are is remarkable. As long as you have a cross section of guests, everyone will be happy. Little extra piece of advice; for the shy guests why not try and find opportunities to introduce them to other friends attending your party, before the actual event. If this isn’t possible make sure they are looked after when they arrive, otherwise you’ll end up with a corner full of people looking awkward, which is a big no no.

After you’ve decided on who you’re going to invite the next decision is the method with which you invite them. Are they a group of friends already in your email address book or would you like to send physical invites that give an indication to the style or theme of the party. The invite is much more of a clue to whether you could turn up in jeans and a t-shirt or a suit than you would think. It also lets the guest know whether your party will be minimalist and luxurious or more casual with drinking games, kegs and loud music.

By this time you will hopefully know how many people are attending so can consider food, drink, how to organize the space and d├ęcor for your party. Bear in mind with the foods you choose, that you need to know your guests dietary requirements as well as any more simple likes and dislikes. A bbq may seem like a great idea but if the food is being brought inside you may have ketchup smeared on your new cream couch. If you plan to be indoors for the whole evening dot bowls of finger food (equip with napkins) around the house to ensure you don’t end up with a crammed kitchen. Try and choose recipes that can be pre-prepared so you’re not mega stressed as people are arriving.

Also, depending on the season are you going to get showered with coats as your guests arrive, because if so, maybe use a smaller bedroom as a designated coat storage space. With regards to the rest of the house give some thought to whether you’d like a specified seating zone or games console room, dance floor area or movie watching space for the younger guests. To make your evening be talked about for months afterwards research what extra fun things you could hire to really make the party go with a bang. Some cool ideas are a photo booth, hot tub, rodeo bull or hot dog, candy floss and popcorn machines. All that’s left is to enjoy the party! There’s a fine line between being a good host and sacrificing your own fun so make sure you keep calm and enjoy yourself too! Lastly, a nice touch after your bash is to contact your guests to thank them for coming as well as checking that they enjoyed themselves.

Now for the clean up…

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