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Finding the Perfect Anniversary Gift for my Parents

My family usually ends up together on our summer beach vacation, over my parent's wedding anniversary. We love that we are able to celebrate the love that my mom and dad have for one another, all together, because their love shaped the way my sister and I love our husbands, and families. Every year, my sister and I sort of pass ideas back and forth, over what on earth we're going to give our parents for an anniversary gift. We know that most parents probably don't expect anything from their kids, but it's one of those things that my sis and I have just loved to do for our parents.

My mom and dad, pictured on our recent family cruise...

On their twenty-fifth anniversary, my sister and I (with a lot of help from family and friends), threw our parents a fabulous surprise party. We had a lot of fun eating good food, enjoying each other's company and dancing the night away. Unfortunately, ever since then, we've sort of felt like we've been unable to top the gift of that awesome party. This year, however, we've found a wonderful gift that we know they're going to love! I found a beautiful alphabet art gift, which we are having personalized and made just for this occasion! We're going to have it framed, and then tote it along with us on our trip. My sister and I have already planned to purchase tickets for our parents to take a little sunset cruise, and then we'll send them to a nice restaurant, so they can enjoy a gourmet meal together. When they come back to the beach house, we'll have some cake and champagne waiting for them, and then we'll present them with their beautifully framed letter art, which they'll be able to hang in their house when we return from our vacation.

I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when we give them their anniversary gift this year. I'll also be excited to see where they'll choose to hang their new framed art! Here's hoping this will be another memorable anniversary for my mom and dad!

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