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Easter Lion Craft

We've really been learning a lot about Jesus and His love this week, as we've been journeying to the cross, walking with Jesus. On Thursday, we had a little lesson about God, and how He is the Lion and the Lamb. I've been teacing Balian the song, 'Like a Lion,' which our worship team will lead on Sunday morning at church. Balian loves the song so much, and is very enthusiastic about it.

Balian asked to make another Easter themed craft, and I found a cute idea for a chick in an Easter egg on Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest- I could spend hours browsing crafts, decor and recipes! So, I varried the idea a bit to go along with our little lesson, and incorporate B's favorite new song.

To make the lion face, I cut a large circle out of orange cardstock (use construction paper, or even plain white paper, and have the kids color it orange or you could use brown- this is what we had on hand), and then made thin cuts around the circle to create the mane. I drew the face with black and brown markers, and let Balian add extra color to the mane with brown and yellow washable markers.

Next, I took two paper plates to make the Easter egg. I guess you could just use one, but using two for reinforcement made it much easier. I cut one of the plates in half, and then cut zig-zags in the flat top of each half. Next, I gave the plate halves to Balian to color and decorate. Once he was finished, we glued the round lion face to the top half of the whole paper plate. We then glued the bottom half egg over the bottom half of the whole plate. Next, I punctured a hole through the top left corner of the bottom egg, and whole plate backing, and also added a hole to the bottom left corner of the top half of the egg. I used a piece of ribbon to tie them together, so the top half of the egg opens and closes. A craft brad would have worked better, but we didn't have any, so I improvised.

Here's the back of the egg- though blurry, Balian wanted you to see it!

We added a little Easter message to the top half of the egg, and ended up with a really cute project! Of course, you could do this with yellow paper, and just as easily make a chick, instead of a lion.

*Side note- these paper plates were oval (left from a Bojangles picnic, and they were hanging around in my pantry). If you use a round plate, your project will look a bit different.

We'd love to see your Easter crafts! Feel free to share your photos on the MBP facebook page!

Have a blessed Easter weekend!

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  1. Darn-- I can't see the pictures for some reason-- so I followed along and since I didn't have card stock we colored-- it turn out cute-- I only used 1 paper plate since there is 5 of these now.lol we couldnt help ourselves


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