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Easter Crafts/Projects for Toddlers

I have found a ton of cute Easter themed projects and crafts for little ones on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I never seem to have the supplies needed for a lot of these projects, so I've been trying to improvise as best I can. I like keeping Balian busy during the day with projects, dance parties, reading and playing, so he's not asking to be on his daddy's Nook, or asking to watch a TV program. Yesterday, we decided to spend the morning listening to music and doing some art projects.

Here's what we came up with...

Easter Bunny Face

We took a paper plate, some cotton rounds, a glue stick and some felt to create our very own Easter Bunny. I helped Balian cover the paper plate with glue, and then let him have at it with sticking the cotton rounds onto the plate. I helped him stick the cotton rounds over the edges of the plate.

Toddlers and glue sticks- so much fun!

After the plate was covered, I cut eyes, a nose, and ears out of some felt pieces I had in our craft supplies bag, and we glued those onto the plate. I drew a little mouth on with a marker, and we used two Q-Tips, cut in half for whiskers.

Finished product- a cute bunny!

Easter Paint Project

Next, I asked Balian if he wanted to do some painting (the answer is always YES!), so we pulled out some Easter colors of paint, and I gave him a large sheet of paper, and let him have at it. We used the Q-Tips to paint with, as they're much easier for B to manage than a paint brush.

Making dots...

Choosing another paint color...

...and having lots of fun being creative!

All For Love Coloring Project

Sometimes, explaining what Easter is all about to toddlers can be a bit overwhelming. Music is definitely helpful, so I put on Newsboy's 'Like a Lion' on YouTube, and we watched the video and listened to the song over and over while we did crafts. An Easter Bunny craft is cute, and sweet, but the sweetest thing of all is what Jesus did for us when He gave His life upon the cross for each and every one of us. But how to explain this to my son? I thought that a picture might be a good place to start, so I took a piece of paper and (poorly) drew a large cross with a sun shining behind it, a crown of thorns at the top, and a heart in the middle. At the bottom, in the corner, I wrote 'All for Balian,' to help him understand that Jesus died for him, because He loves him so very much.

Instant coloring page with a true Easter message for my two-year-old...

A sweet reminder for our house...

I cherish these messy, patience-trying, but precious moments with my son, and feel so blessed to be able to stay home with him.

What types of projects or crafts have you done
 at your house for Easter?

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  1. We've done some spring painting and playdough but haven't done much yet. I'm always looking for new ideas. I like your bunny project!

  2. I think this is such a cute idea!


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