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Continuing with my spring cleaning in and around our house, I asked my husband to sit down with me the other night, and to help me go through our CD's and DVD's. We love home entertainment, so it's no surprise that we have a pretty impressive collection of music and movies. After we had a baby, we sort of had to re-think how we were going to store and display our media. Sadly, we don't have room for a true media library (like we dream of having), and we have to keep discs out of reach from our now curious toddler.

We started boxing up some movies that we haven't watched in a long time, as well as CD's that we probably haven't listened to since we were in high school (and I won't reveal how long ago that was!). I contemplated whether or not I would ever listen to Dave Matthews Bands again, and left the best of those albums out, and packed the other ones away.

Now, I'm not one for having a bunch of boxes sit around the house. We don't have a basement, attic or garage, so our storage space is pretty minimal. I had planned to donate the media to a local youth auction, just to get it all out of the house, but a friend told me about MusicMagpie, a super website that allows you to look up the value of your CD's or DVD's by scanning the barcode on the case. You can do this from their website, or you can download their App, and just scan the barcodes with your phone.

When I told my hubby about musicmagpie.com, he was a bit skeptical, but I kew that if he took a look at it, he'd see for himself how it works, and he'd be pretty excited about it. So, we went online together, slected 2-3 of the DVD's from our collection that we were going to donate, and then typed in their barcodes. Once we saw that we could earn a fair amount of cash for our unwanted CD's, DVD's, BluRays, and Games, it was hard for my hubby to tear himself away. He was having way too much fun looking up his CD's!

In the end, we decided that we'd go ahead and send our CD's and DVD's off to MusicMagpie. Their shipping service is free and easy to use, so we had nothing to lose. I never would have thought that after cleaning out the media cabinets, that I would wind up with extra cash in my pocket. We're going to start saving for a trip to Disney World, and this is a great way to start our fund! I can't wait to tell my friends and family about this, so they can de-clutter their homes and earn some extra cash this spring, too!

Happy spring cleaning!

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