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DIY Wedding Tips

Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, and what better way than with some DIY flair. From place cards to centerpieces, favors to thank you notes, DIY tricks are a fun way to get everyone involved in the planning process and add a one-of-a-kind flair to a dream wedding. Even a silly and fun parting gift full of ingredients for the perfect hangover cure—Advil, water, and the perfect Bloody Mary mix—is sure to make your wedding unforgettable.

Keep the Bouquet Sweet and Simple

We spent a ton of money on our bouquets (and my maid of honor's boquet wound up bigger than my own!). I kept my bridesmaid's flowers simple, and wanted them to each carry a single long stemmed calla lilly. This is another pretty idea, simple white flowers, all wrapped up in brown paper and white doilies. Simple and chic, and cost-effective!

Make a Homemade Wedding Cake for less than $20.00!

Make a Homemade Wedding Cake

My wedding cake was crazy expensive, and it was good, but didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. Why not save yourself the money, and ask someone in your family who is handy in the kitchen to try this recipe for a homemade wedding cake?

Keep the Centerpieces Simple

Floating candle centerpiece with 3 small flower pieces in greens and whites around it on the table.. black ribbon up the stem. Maybe use wine glasses for the vases?

Floral centerpieces are beautiful, but folks spend just about as mouch money on flowers as they do food and beverage at wedding receptions, so save some money by skipping the flowers at the tables, and create pretty candle centerpieces, instead. Your guests with allergies and your parents' wallet will thank you!


Their songs

A lot of brides and grooms don't even give out favors anymore, but I think this idea is super cute! Create a mix CD of favorite love songs and send one home with each family!

Sweetheart Table

sweetheart table

Create a sweetheart table- just for the bride and groom, so if and when they do get to sit down for five seconds, they can sit down alone together.

My wedding day was one of the best days of my life (the other, of course- the day my son was born). Our friends and family still talk about our wedding, five years after the fact, and what a wonderful day it was. We had a fantastic party, and kept the wedding simple- and it was unforgettable. We did a lot of DIY projects, and spent money in other places to make our dream wedding a reality, and we took people up on their offers when they asked if they could help with making bows, etc.

What are some of your best DIY Wedding Tips, or which tips can you share from your own wedding?

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  1. what nice frugal ideas, weddings can get so costly.

  2. I love these ideas! More people should do things like these instead of wasting thousands of dollars. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are great ideas i will have to pass these along to my friend who is getting married thank you.


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