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Are Bean Bags a Mom's Secret Weapon?

We were very blessed to be able to take a little family vacation last weekend, and enjoy a local indoor water park, not far from home. After spending the night in a lovely suite, and two days of enjoying the park and resort, it was time to pack it all up and head home. As you can imagine, I was exhausted by the time we arrived home. Even though we'd only traveled about an hour from home, we'd had a big weekend, and had a big day planned the following day, as well. Lucky for me, my mother-in-law invited us to come over for a bite of pizza, and to tell her about our trip, and show off our photos.

Fun times with my little sweetie at the water park...

As soon as we got to 'grandma's house,' my two-year-old son immediately ran into the play room that my m-i-l set up for him. I couldn't believe that he had any energy left, and wasn't already fast asleep. I was exhausted, though, so I sat down in one of the easy chairs and propped my feet up for a bit. It was no surprise that as soon as I got comfortable, I heard squealing coming from the play room. I ran into the room, to make sure everything was okay, to find my son diving onto an old bean bag chair that my mother-in-law had placed in the play room. I couldn't help but smile, as I watched my sweet little boy, having a blast with that silly old over-sized bean bag. He insisted on dragging that thing into the living room, eating his pizza while sitting on it, watching a movie in it, and eventually, curling up and falling asleep in it. Who would have thought that big bean bags would bring my little guy so much joy? Maybe it's time to get one or two for our house!

Do your kids like bean bag chairs, too?

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  1. Oh Yes Bean Bags are great. I won a extra large bag from Ugly Sofa and my son loves jumping and watching TV in it.The one we have is quite big so it is even big enough for me.
    I am guessing you were at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, we live about 4 hours from that. I know what you mean by tired, that place will wear you out.


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