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Mary Kay Facial Cleansing Cloths review/giveaway w/ Maria

Mary Kay Facial Cleansing Cloths
w/ Maria Limperos
February Spotlight Sponsor

How do you wash your face? I’ve always just used soap and water, which horrifies people but it’s always been enough for me. I don’t really ever wear makeup and I’ve never had a problem with acne so I’ve never known anything different.

However on the rare occasion that I do wear makeup, soap and water doesn’t always cut it and I end up with raccoon eyes in the morning and acne because I can’t get all the makeup off. Thankfully, our awesome spotlight sponsor Maria Limperos sent me some Mary Kay Facial Cleansing Cloths that are fantastic! 
Love them!

I gave myself a little makeover with the pretty makeup samples Maria so generously sent me so I could wash it off and see how the cloths work.
These are such pretty shades! The Lip color wasn't quite my color but it was still pretty!

 Here are my makeover pictures:

After I did my makeup and felt glamorous for a bit, I got ready to wash my face. I followed the directions on the cloth and cleaned my face.
The cloths come out pretty dry.
Then you get them wet and they lather up.
Bye bye, makeup, dirt, and oil!
 The Mary Kay Facial Cleansing Cloths really left my face clean, soft, and refreshed. They got all the makeup off, and no raccoon eyes or acne the next day.
Fresh and clean!
 I did have some eyeliner left over because I just didn’t feel safe scrubbing my eyes but because I had used pencil eyeliner instead of my normal liquid it didn't come off with a quick swipe. The Mary Kay Cleansing Cloths would have easily taken off my liquid eyeliner without scrubbing. I love them so much I might even start wearing makeup a little more often! Thanks Maria!

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Want It? Win It!
 Maria has offered for one lucky reader to win their own facial cleaners from Mary Kay
Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win.
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Special thanks to Maria and Mary Kay for sponsoring this awesome review and giveaway!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.


  1. I love MK make up and skincare products! I always make sure that I have the MK cleansing cloths- they are awesome to have with you when you travel! PS Jess- you look great!


    My favorite all-time MK product is the Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Whipped Berries


  3. I love Satin Hands and Satin Lips!


  4. it's hard for me to pick a fave but I really like the satin lips. They used to make this product, it looked like gold lipstick but it was meant to help tone down lipsticks and such. I don't think they make it anymore but I loved that

  5. My wife likes their make-up remover. Thanks!
    Ross Olson


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