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February Spotlight Sponsor: Sarah Ives with Lilla Rose Review and Giveaway


Okay, picture this. It's been a long day, your hair is feeling heavy, it's falling in your face and you'd give anything to pull it back but you can't find a hair twisty. What do you do? Well, if you're like me, you look for the first available pen and wrap your hair around it. Admit it ladies, we've all done it! If only we had something better to use, something we could grab and easily make our hair look beautiful. Well, we do and it's called a Flexi from Lilla Rose.
 So what exactly is a flexi? A Flexi is a hair clip made of gorgeous beaded wire and a sliding pin designed to flex around your hair and hold it in place securely and comfortably. I'll be the first
 to admit that I was bit skeptical that the Flexi would hold my hair. I have long, thick and wavy hair. Normal hair bands and clips don't hold my hair and I usually get mad and give up on fixing my hair and just leave it down. Bobby pins have been my best friend for a long time, but I hate the look of them. Well, Sarah Ives introduced me to my first flexi, and I am hooked, no pun intended.
When my majestic cross flexi arrived I was taken aback my how beautiful it is and just by the quality of the product. Now, the majestic cross flexi is truly breathe taking. All the flexis start out with an infinity design, with different color beads covering the wire and an emblem in the middle of the flexi. The majestic cross is made with different shades of brown and silver beads, with a handsome cross in the middle that is adorned with brown gems. Truly a site to be seen!

Majestic Cross Flexi

 Here's the thing about me. I'm that person that you have to tell not to touch things in the expensive stores, so of course as soon as I pulled it out of the cute pink bag it came in, I started poking and pulling at my flexi. I twisted it and accidentally dropped it on the floor! Oops! Nothing, not a scratch, not a bent wire or anything. But the real test would come when I used it for the first time.

My hair pulled to the side using the Majestic Cross Flexi
I was going to have lunch with a girlfriend and really wanted to use my new flexi for the first time. I wanted to see what she would say about it, we are very similar people and have no problem being open and honest with eachother. I pulled half of my hair back and used my new flexi to sure it in place. As soon as I walked in the door and greeted my friend, she yanked me around and asked where I got that "awesome hair clip?" I proudly told her it was from my new friend Sarah Ives who sells Lilla Rose. She was so intrigues, I had to pull out my phone and show her Sarah's site! But she wasn't the only one who noticed, I got several compliments that day on my new flexi, and everytime I wear my majestic cross flexi, I get several compliments!

Close up of the Majestic Cross Flexi
Lilla Rose Flexis come in several different sizes ranging from mini to the mega flexi. I chose the medium and it's big enough to hold all of my hair, but I think I would go with a large to do an updo. And if the majestic cross isn't your taste don't worry Lilla Rose has so many different styles to choose from. Ladies, are you planning a wedding? Why not use a flexi for your big day. They really are a statement piece that will compliment your dress and have your guests asking where you found it? Why not give it as a gift to your bridesmaids? Prom season is soon approaching, your daughter's hair would look lovely pulled up with a flexi. Unsure about a flexi? Sarah can help suggest a different type of lilla Rose hair product, like the extremely popular hair bands, or bobby pins.

Hair Pulled half back!
And want to know the best part about Lilla Rose? Their products are extremely affordable, most products range in price from $11-$21. Hello, you just can't beat that! Quality, gorgeous products at affordable prices! You can afford to buy more than one, stock up and give them as birthday gifts to your friends and family.As I'm writing this, I am trying to decide which flexi I'm going to order next! If you're interested in a flexi of your own, why not win one? Sarah has graciously offered one winner a ticket to use on her site to choose a flexi of your own, up to $16.00 value!
Want it? Buy it!
 Interested in a Flexi of your own? Sarah's Lilla Rose site has
 every style you could ever imagine and she is looking forward to helping you with whatever hair needs you have.

Want it? Win it!
Sarah has graciously offered one lucky MBP reader the chance to win a ticket
to use on her site to pick out a Flexi of your own. Up to a $16.00 value! Wow, Thanks, Sarah! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter. Remember, if the field is BOLD it is mandatory.
 Sarah has also asked that the winner must not have won any other previous Lilla Rose giveaway in the past 6 months from her. Thanks for understanding!

A big thanks to Sarah with Lilla Rose for sponsoring this giveaway and allowing me to review the gorgeous Majestic Cross Flexi. Look for more reviews from Sarah to help tame your mane!

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.


  1. The flexi clip would replace the scrunci that I use daily!



    My headband. Thanks :)


  3. I love 2-1816 Fluttering Hummingbird

  4. I also like BP1-1569 Celtic Butterfly

  5. another favorite BP1-1572 Hawaiian Flower

  6. The Flexi 8 would replace my hair sticks. Flexis look sturdier.

  7. I love the Enchanting Copper Rose Flexi 8. So pretty!


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