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Worms - My Lesson Learned

I have had my cat Snowy for eight years now and we have had some fun experiences. The most memorable one was when I went on holiday for six months and my neighbour very kindly agreed to look after Snowy for me.

Through all of the excitement and arrangements I had to make, ensuring Snowy was adequately protected from worms was shamefully the last thing on my mind. When I returned home I was so excited to be reunited with Snowy as I had missed her so much.

A couple of days after my return I noticed she was displaying a scooting behaviour and on closer inspection I saw worms hanging from her bottom and in her faeces. Immediately I knew that she had a worm infestation and that I had carelessly forgotten to ensure she was adequately protected whilst I was away. I immediately administered the worming treatment to help get rid of the infestation.

Ever since I ensure that I remember to worm Snowy every three months. The current worming treatment I use is Drontal for cats as it is the only wormer that kills eight species of worm that infect cats. However when I go on holiday and her worming treatment is due whilst I am away I ask my neighbour to use Profender as it is the only topical worming treatment available. This way I feel satisfied that she has been treated successfully as some times with tablets she fishes them out so I have to make sure she has eaten the tablet. Using this treatment occasionally is also good as it prevents worm resistance which can occur.

When Snowy was younger she used to bring me little presents on a regular basis. I found it very hard to discourage her from doing this however my vet advised me to worm her more regularly as worms are contracted easily this way.

I have also used Milbemax in the past which I recommend. I encourage friends to only use a worming treatment for their pets which has been advised by the vet or used and recommended by fellow pet owners as I have heard stories of owners who have used brands brought from the supermarket which have either not worked or have caused skin reactions. 

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