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Five original themes for a party

Planning a party and want to make it original? Then you've come to the right place, as we give you the top five original themes to make your do a night to remember.
We'll give you the perfect tips on some interesting new themes to make your bash the envy of your friends and tell you what you will need to buy. If you want further ideas from a unique and interesting venue, contact people like The Brewery.

So have a read and get planning...

1. 1920s
Why not take it back a few eras and throw a fabulous 1920s themed party? With the trend for all things retro at the moment, your guests will surely relish the chance to turn up in the vintage get-up; with girls in flapper dresses and the guys dressed in some sharp gangster attire.
You can also ask event space you're holding the party in if you can hire a jazz trio to really set the tone of the night and get people in the mood. Or if you are on a smaller budget, just create a jazzy playlist.
For decoration, you would probably be best to stick to a black and silver theme, as this will really enhance the jazzy theme. You could even add extra special touches like pearls around table napkins, which will add a touch or glamour and be sure to get some musical note balloon bouquets.

2. America
There is a host of ideas you can try if you fancy going all USA for your latest party. Obviously the theme of the night will be red, white and blue - plus those famous stars and stripes. Why not try a bit of glitter too while you're at it? It is a party after all!
Your guests will also have a host of fancy dress ideas they can choose from - including their favourite Hollywood stars, US politicians, cheerleaders and jocks, or even the traditional Uncle Sam.
You can also go Stateside with your food, mini burgers and hot dogs, pretzels and portions of fries, while the entertainment can be a playlist of your favourite US stars, or even a fun Miss America contest (for the men only of course).

3. Jungle
Why not go a little wild and get all your friends to come dressed as jungle creatures? If hiring an event room, just ask the venue if you are able to fill the place with some wild plants, as well as some tropical cut-outs and a whole host of sparkly lights - you will have your own jungle in no time.
If there is a bar at your venue, you can even ask if they can create some special 'jungle juice' cocktails for guests, which will really get them in the mood - complete with some umbrellas and a bit of pineapple for good measure!
The music playlist could also have an animal theme, such as the Arctic Monkeys and other jungle-related songs such as 'Born To Be Wild’. Plus, you could delight guests with some mouth-watering tropical cakes.

4. Fire and ice
Guests at a fire and ice-themed party can choose whether they want to be naughty or nice by coming in a fiery outfit, or going more demure in an ice-inspired design.
The scope for decoration is also great. You can either half the room and decorate one half fiery and one decked out in silver decorations and 'iced' features such as table crystals, or you can mix them both together; maybe with silver-decorated tables mixed with some red lighting.
The food and drink can also be a mash-up with drinks such as flaming sambucca shots definitely on the menu, or sparkling champagne for the ice side of the events. Hot appetisers such as chilli chicken skewers could also appear, while desserts could be range of different ice creams.

5. Britain
Why not get the mini bangers and mash in and have a totally British do? Guests can dress up as any British icons, such as UK politicians past and present, members of the Royal Family, or even their favourite British film star.
The playlist can contain retro classics from bands like The Beatles and some new favourites too.
Decorations will also contain a whole lot of Union Jacks, as well as a few bulldogs and telephone boxes for good measure!

Author Byline:
Danielle White is a stay at home mum of two and is passionate about writing. She helps her friends and family organise parties and various events. Other than writing about these in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.

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