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Tired of Boring Gifts? Check Out These Ideas...

Are you sick of giving and getting the same old boring gifts every year for Christmas and New Year's? So many gifts are overdone. There is nothing like watching the recipient of your gift's face light up with unexpected surprise upon opening your gift. Get a little creative and do a little thinking to come up with some fun and new end-of-the-year ideas this year.

Pay attention to the person. You can come up with gift ideas that you may not think of--or they may not ask for--just by really watching and listening to them. Maybe in conversation they will talk about favorite hobbies or things they'd like to get or do in the future. Hedge around the topic without being obvious about it if you are struggling for ideas.

Get them what they really want. Most people hate answering the "What do you want for Christmas/New Year's?" question. They either feel bad asking for things or don't want to appear selfish. Tell them you really want to get them something they will enjoy. Ask them to ruminate on it and email a few ideas to you. If you really want it to be a surprise, ask their close friends and family for ideas.

Homemade Edible Gifts

Do it yourself. People love handmade items. This lends them to being unique and people will appreciate the time and care you put into it. A handmade gift is going to mean a lot more than a generic gift certificate or other random item the person probably doesn't want or need. This can be particularly sweet if you have a skill set that they don't, like knitting or woodworking. Think outside of the box. Do you know their car stereo isn't working but are handy with electronics? Buy them a new one and install it yourself. Bake them off the wall treats and gift it to them in a mug or tin.

Throw in a gag gift. Go to a store like FunToCollect.com and look for funny or collectible gift items. Bring a smile to the face of a Chihuahua lover with an Aye Chihuahua Shopper Bank. Or if you know they are a huge fan of a particular series or movie, look for fan collectibles that will get them excited. You could pick out a silly gag gift and make them think that is all you got them. Then surprise them with other gifts and tease them about their response. Huffington Post talks about some fun gag gifts like "Zombie Killers", Breathalyzer Key Charms and Superman Socks.

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