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Just a few days ago I pulled all of our Christmas decorations out of storage. The dusty tubs and boxes sat dormant in my living room while I dealt with other pressing matters. I finally got all the decorations put up and was left with my wrapping paper, boxes, bows and bags. I stuck them in a shopping bag a threw it to the side, not thinking anything else about it. That is, until it came time to wrap a few gifts. I started to rifle through the bag, unable to find anything since it was all jumbled up in the bag, my paper was ripped and the boxes were crumpled. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Wrapping gifts, brings back memories of helping my father wrap on Christmas eve, morning, but at that moment, it was just giving me a headache. I was not looking forward to wrapping gifts this year. I just wanted something to keep things organized and out of the way, without being such and eye sore like those big plastic tubs are.
When Dottie Brown with Thirty-One Gifts sent me the Black Parisian Pop Large Utility Tote, I couldn't decide what I wanted to use it for. I had a lot of ideas in my head, and my husband didn't help either. He kept saying, "oh, use it when you go to the grocery store" or " how about when you shop, leave it in the trunk of the car to hold all the bags." All good suggestions, but I really wanted it in the house where it could be seen and appreciated.
 Black Parisian Large Utility Tote
That's when I remembered my Christmas wrapping nightmare. Ugh.... but I popped open the tote and grabbed the bag off the floor. I started to organize the boxes and wrap and bags that were just strewn about. After everything was in the tote, I had so much room left, I couldn't;t believe it. This Tote is huge! They don't call it the Large Utility Tote for nothing. I kept looking in my tubs trying to find more stuff to put in it, but after a while I gave up and figured it's better to have room, than be overstuffed! If only I could remember that when eating those holiday treats in a few weeks!
Black Parisian Tote Filled with all of my Christmas Boxes
I have the black parisian pop utility tote right next to the tree so when I wrap, everything is right where I need it. Plus it looks fantastic next to the tree, like it is part of our living room. That is what I truly love about the tote, it fits perfectly into any room in my home. But, my husband did have some good ideas, I plan on using it on Christmas eve to hold gifts and goodies to bring to a party. It's also the perfect size to hold a casserole dish and other items to any holiday party, makes it so easy to carry and not worry about spills or burning yourself. It wipes clean easily and folds up to store anywhere.
 So Much Room in My Tote!
Have a car trip with the kids planned? Why not stick it in the middle with all of their toys or snacks? It keeps things organized and accessible, plus it acts as a barrier keeping them on their own side and minimizing arguments. Use it in a spare bedroom for the in-laws. Fill it with towels, pillows and extra blankets to keep the cozy while they are visiting, even give it as a gift when they leave. Fill it with cleaning supplies that way cleaning and transporting the items are no longer a chore. The options are truly endless.
Have you been dreaming of a Thirty-One Gift for Christmas? Well for one Reader, Dottie is giving away A Black Parisian Pop Carry All Caddy. This would make a great gift, or even a great gift to keep!! I won't tell!
Thanks, Dottie for allowing me to review the black parisian pop large utility tote. I love it!!
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  1. I'm not very organized, that the problem. On the rate occasion I am, I love how I feel more in control of the situation!

  2. I'm not very organized, that the problem. On the rate occasion I am, I love how I feel more in control of the situation!


    Not having to look around for every little thing I need all the time :)


  4. Organization can save time!!! Especially with toddlers around... but it's hard to stay organized with toddlers around too!

  5. I love how it can save time and be so freeing. I have to agree with Connie though - It can be VERY difficult with toddlers around!


  6. I like knowing where things are in a rush!

  7. Staying organized makes life so much easier.

  8. i love being able to find everything and getting compliments on how nice my purse/office/house looks!

  9. It's a HUGE time saver!

  10. I can find things when I need them.

  11. I like how much time it saves me not looking for things.

  12. I like it when everything is in it's place and welcome any handy dandy tool that helps me save time and energy... I hate looking for those eye glasses and car keys...

  13. I like the example it sets for my children

  14. My house stays neat and tidy. I go overboard on organizing..LOL

  15. Being able to find things when I need them. Plus everything looks neat & tidy.

  16. I can find what I need without checking 30 different spots


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