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All of our children have annoying toys that play music, sing or make some other noise that we can't stand and quickly learn to tune out.  Well Hasbro has created one that makes you want to sing along, PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR.

Children love to play with toys that light up, make noise and have moving parts, the PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR has all of that!  The PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR helps children with their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive learning and sensory development, so its not only fun it's educational.

PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR, has all the parts of a real guitar

How it helps your child develop necessary life skills
Fine Motor Skill- Grasps and manages toy with hands.
Gross Motor Skills- Sits and stands with toy.
Cognitive Learning- Explores the "cause and effect" action of pushing, spinning, and sliding for different responses.
Sensory Development- Responds to the toy's stimulating sights and sounds.
(taken from the Hasbro website)

Small enough for your baby, entertaining enough for you toddler, has all the working parts of an actual guitar

The PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR has some awesome songs that it plays that make you want to jump in and jam out with your little one...

London Bridge(kid rock version)
What I Like About You
I Want To Rock & Roll All Night

Not to mention the “WOO HOO” it says and all the fun lights that go off with every touch of a button or turn of a knob.

Cameron loves to play with his PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR, He loves the lights and music

In our house we have “dance parties” which isn’t really as exciting as it sounds, just Cameron & I dancing and saying dance party shake your booty since he is so little, but now we have a fun music toy to play with during our daily “dance party”.

No matter which one you get or if you get them all your child will enjoy playing with the Rocktivity collection and you will too!

Want it??? Buy it!!

Want your own
PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR for your little one this holiday season?  They can be found at most major retailers and online at Hasbro’s website PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY JUMP 'N JAM GUITAR Toy or you can find the complete Rocktivity collection here.. Happy Rockin Holidays !!

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