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Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate Review

All moms know its important to have the right tools for the right job, same thing goes with feeding accessories.  We all need things that are appealing to our little ones to encourage them to eat all the “yummies” but are strong enough and durable enough for the everyday challenges of life i.e. the dishwasher, being tossed of the floor, chewed on or used as a musical instrument.  The Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate can withstand all of your daily challenges for years to come.

The Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate is ideal for children who are beginning to feed themselves, its suitable for warm or cold foods and is microwave safe!! (taken from Nuby’s product information sheet).

The adorable Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate has feet on the back side to keep it flat and steady on the table or high chair while your little one eats.  It has cute hands that come over the side of the Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate which act as a sort of “handle” for your little one to hold onto, as they carry the Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate.

The bottom of the Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate, this is the underside of the “feet”

We have used the Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate several times in the microwave and dishwasher, and it seems to be holding up just as I hoped.

Cameron’s dinner one night, with his Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate & iMonster Fork

The Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate is part of a complete collection of iMonster pieces.  The Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate has a matching fork/spoon set & a bowl (keep an eye out for future reviews on those products).  You can even get an iMonster snack keeper, which is too cute!

Cameron & Daddy using the Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate

Want it??? Buy it!!

Want your own
Nuby iMonster Toddler Plate??  You can find it online at www.buybabydirect.com or www.amazon.com, you can also find it at a local Nuby retailer near you. Don’t worry if you have a little princess there is a set just for her the Nuby Flower Child Feeding Set. Happy feeding.


  1. This plate looks like so much fun - wonder if they could make one for grown-ups, just sayin' :)


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