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My 1story Children's Book and Plush Toy (Review)

Cameron loves to play with his books, and is just now really starting to care and pay attention when we read to him.  We all remember those classic stories from when we were growing up; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood; they all have happy endings, but also have some pretty scary parts.  my1story has taken the classics we all know and love, and recreated them so they aren't scary.

In October of 2012, the first two my1storys were released: Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfe “I Love Cake” & Jack’s Beanstalks “Jack and the Magic Beans”.  They now also have adorable plush toys to accompany the books, like Lil’ Riding Hood & Beanie.

Our Beanie & Jack’s Beanstalks book

We were fortunate enough to receive the my1story Jack’s Beanstalk book & Beanie, the big, but not scary giant.  The my1story book is large, with large print and beautiful illustrations.

Our my1story Jack’s Beanstalks book

Beanie                            Lil Riding Hood

No one wants to send their little one to bed with the scary thoughts of witches, wolves and deadly apples in their sweet little heads.  my1story still gives you the “story” without all the scary scenarios.  When he is a little bit older, and can understand that apples aren’t really poisoned, then I'll be all for Cameron reading Snow White, but for now, my storys will be added to our book collection. These goegeous storybooks are so enjoyable, by the entire family, and really do give parents peace of mind, knowing that they are teaching their children, sharing the art of story-telling, stretching their imaginations, but also keeping them safe.

Daddy, reading my1story Jack’s Beanstalks, Jack’s Magic Beans to Cameron, who is holding his “Beanie”.


Each my1story teaches children a valuable and important lesson without scaring them to bits.  The lesson in Jack’s Beanstaks, Jack and the Magic Beans, is a lesson on stealing.  In the my1story Lil Riding Hood & Wolifie, I love cake, the lesson is on sharing.

We all want our little ones to enjoy reading and learn from the books they read.  Why not give them the my1story series, they are books the whole family will enjoy. They'd make an adorable holiday gift this season- all wrapped up under the tree. Gift one of these wonderful books to your little sweetie their first Christmas, and continue the tradition year after year!

Want it? Buy it!

my1story books and plushies can be bought exclusively on Amazon.com, just search “myfirstory” in the toys & games section.  You can also find more information on my1story on their website or on the my1story facebook page. They'd love for you to get connected with them, so don't delay!

Special thanks to my1story for allowing us to review one of their beautiful books, and for assisting us in making beautiful family memories.

Thanks a bunch!

Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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