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Magic Cabin: Reubens Barn Kids Dolls (Review & Giveaway)

When making a little holiday wishlist for Balian this year, I remembered how many neat toys and games we've come across in the past few months. When asked for gift suggestions, I knew just the place to create the perfect wishlist that we could share with out family and friends!

A few months ago, we were introduced to Magic Cabin, a seriously cool company, which offers fantastic imaginative play aids, toys, decor and more! We enjoyed working with Magic Cabin on a review of their Garden Fort during the summer months, and were so pleased to be given the opportunity to work with them again this holiday season. Magic Cabin has tons of great gift picks, and this year, we've got a super cute new friend to love!

We were very excited to be able to review one of Magic Cabin's hot holiday gifts for kids- Reubens Barn Kids Dolls. These little cuties came about in 1995, when Reuben's Barn (Barn means children in Swedish) began crafting life-like dolls, each with their own distinct persona. These dolls are beautifully handcrafted, and super cuddly! 

We chose to review Bobbo, a gorgeous blue-eyed boy, who was ready to be loved by another sweet little blue-eyed boy I know. Bobbo came to us in a sweet little red and white striped shirt, and white shorts, which can easily be removed by the kiddos. Bobbo's eyes are sparkly and bright, and his cheeks are playful and rosy. He dons a cute smile, and comes ready to play! This fleece bodied doll is warm and cuddly, and has a weighted bottom- so when held, he feels like a real baby.

I wasn't sure how Balian would react to a doll, but he definitely wanted to see what was in this box!

Balian, eager to play with Bobbo.

I was so happy to see that Balian wanted to play with Bobbo right away. We introduced Bobbo to Balian, and that was it- instant friendship. Not long after the how do you do's and handshakes, Balian insisted that Bobbo needed his diaper changed. He then proceeded to grab a diaper, place Bobbo on our bed, and change him, the way we change Balian.

Time to get that diaper changed, Bobbo!

We have enjoyed lots of walks, lunches, tea parties, puzzle time, coloring and trips to the grocery store, with Bobbo by our side. It's easy to see why kids love these adorable Reuben's Barn Kids Dolls!

Bobbo, at the table with Balian and pals...

Rubens Barn® Kids Dolls

Features of the Reubens Barn Kids Dolls

For ages 2 and up.

• Chubby, cuddly dolls

• Weighted bottoms
• Designed in Sweden
• Each has a unique personality
• Sparkly eyes, downy hair, and pixie faces

Available Styles

Bobbo, Cicci, Clara, Linnea, Olivia, Tim


14-1/4" tall

*Can wear the Ark Animal costumes, and clothing can be removed and hand washed.

All of the Reubens Barn Kids Dolls are so adorable! Just look at these cute little faces...




Reubens Barn Kids Dolls would make an absolutely perfect gift for little boys and girls this Christmas! These sweet little dolls will become fast friends with your little ones, and be loved for years to come! Also, Magic Cabin has tons of magical, and just plain cool learning, fantasy and discovery toys for kids of all ages- so if these dolls aren't for you, head to Magic Cabin and browse their many categories of toys, games and more!

Rubens Barn Ark Doll Outfits
Reubens Barn Ark Doll Outfits

Want It? Buy It?

Head on over to Magic Cabin to browse the entire collection of Reubens Barn Kids Dolls, plus all of their other great products, too! You can sign uo to receive a Magic Cabin catalog in your mailbox, connect with them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter, too! Seriously- they have the coolest stuff... so check them out!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky winner will win their very own Reubens Barn Kids Doll (Winner may choose their favorite doll) from Magic Cabin! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win! Good luck!

Special thanks to Magic Cabin for introducing us to the amazing line of Reubens Barn Kids Dolls, and for offering this wonderful holiday giveaway for our readers!

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.


  1. Can't decide between 'clara or tim.. I'm going with tim as my choice

  2. Olivia. They are all adorable though.

  3. http://www.magiccabin.com/kathe-kruse-nicki-babies_p1149.html

    I adore these little beanie babies Nicki Baby Doll with Color-Coordinated Cradle-Carrier
    my grandaughters would love and cherish these so cute..cuddly and easy to take along


    I think Cicci is adorable and would make a great gift for either one of my granddaughters. Thanks :)


  5. Our Olivia would love Olivia......adorable
    pin as jacksondeb debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  6. I like Olivia, she is adorable

  7. I like their http://www.magiccabin.com/childs-clothing-rack_p878_s2003_d1103_c2301.html

  8. olivia is super cute!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com


    Love the Fairy Cottage from Magic Cabin


  10. Bobbo or Tim would be great for my son, my daughters already have dolls

  11. http://www.magiccabin.com/wooden-child-sized-mini-kitchen_p890_s2003_d1103_c2302.html

  12. I love this

  13. I like Tim because that is hubby's name and my young son would like that

  14. I would pick Clara for my daughter - she looks very similar! :)

  15. I love the fairy houses! These look like so much fun. http://www.magiccabin.com/fairy-houses_p2333.html

  16. I guess I would choose Olivia but, they are all adorable.

  17. Tim looks a lot like my little guy. I would love him to have one!

  18. I think my daughter would love the Linnea one


  19. My little girl would love Linnea. These are so cute

  20. Little Tim is adoarable!! my kiddies would LOVE him!!

  21. I love this swing! http://www.magiccabin.com/Active-Play-Toys/Round-and-Round-Swingand153;.htm

  22. I love these!


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