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Kiss Naturals: DIY Soap Making Kit (Review & Giveaway)

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed making homemade gifts for family and friends during the holiday season. Whether it was a card, an ornament, a scrapbook/recipe book, I was always making something. In recent years, especially those following the birth of my son, my creative juices haven't been flowing as freely. I still enjoy creating gifts that express just how much I truly love and appreciate the person I plan to give it to, but I have very little extra time to put into crafting gifts, these days.

As it turns out, I have been able to make some cute little gifts for friends this Christmas, thanks to Kiss Naturals. Kiss Naturals is based out of Canada, and creates one of a kind DIY craft kits. The neat thing about these kits, is that you can purchase one to use to create gifts for others, or just gift the craft kit! Kiss Naturals' main goal is to give their customers everything they need to make natural products that we use every day, at an affordable price.

Kiss Naturals has some really neat kits available, but I chose to give the DIY Soap Making Kit a try. I have never made homemade soap before, and was excited to test the waters.

My Kiss Naturals DIY Soap Making Kit! Doesn't it look pretty in its packaging?

The Kiss Naturals DIY Soap Making Kit Contains:
1 Fun Shaped Mold
2 Bars of unscented Glycerin Soap
2 Scented Oils for Fragrance
1 Dropper
1 Spatula

The contents of the Soap Kit...

Making the soap was a super quick, and simple process. All of the instructions for making the soap are printed on the inside of the box that the kit is packaged in- so don't throw that away! 

The 4- Step soap making process is outlined on the box...

The first step in creating your own soap from this awesome kit, is to unwrap one of the bars of glycerin soap, which is clear, and unscented. Place it in a microwave safe bowl, and microwave in 30 second increments, until the bar is fully melted. I had to microwave mine for about 1 1/2 minutes before it was melted all the way. Just a word of caution- the melted soap will be very hot, and I found out the hard way, that it splatters. Wear an apron, and use caution when moving the bowl of hot liquid soap. If you prefer not to microwave the soap bar, you can melt it in a pot, on your stovetop.

Left: Unwrapped bar of soap, Right: Bar of soap in a microwave safe bowl, ready to be melted.

Once the soap bar has been fully melted, carefully remove it, and place it on your counter, table, or a heat resistant surface. Using the dropper that comes with your kit, carefully drop between 20 and 25 drops of scented oil (also provided it your kit). I chose to use the grapefruit oil (I also received oraange). I dropped the oil in, and gave it a quick stir.

Here are the oils that came with my kit...

The oil has been carefully dropped into the melted soap and gently stirred.

If you like, you can add a little bit of food coloring to the melted mixture to add a pop of color to your soap. I decided to use red food coloring, since my mold consisted of little heart shapes.

The added food coloring (about 2 drops)...

Just a note- work quickly from the time you take the melted soap out of the microwave to the time you pour it into the molds. This will start to thicken up, quickly- and will get gloppy on you if you putz around. Finally, pour the hot, melted soap into the mold provided in the kit. Mine was already thickening, and I wasn't at a place where I could keep heating it back up in the microwave, so that's why mine looks so messy in the photo.

Liquid soap is poured into the molds, and now all I have to do is wait for it to harden...

As I waited on the soap to harden and cool, I placed my bowl and spoon in the sink, and ran hot water over them, to get the hardened soap off of them. I cleaned up my little mess, and put the unused items away for my next soap making adventure. About twenty minutes later, the mold was cool to the touch, and my soaps were ready to make their first appearance as little hearts. I didn't even need to use the little spatula tool, as the soaps popped right out of the mold. In the end, I wound up with eight little heart shaped soaps, which smell lovely and are just adorable!

Cute, right!?

I still ahve to trim up the edges of my soaps, since I was a little too messy in my soap making trial run, but overall, I'd say my first try was a great success! I'm not sure who I'll give these soaps to just yet, but I know for certain that they'd look so cute, placed inside a little organza bag, and placed in a Christmas stocking, or gifted to someone I want to show my appreciation to this holiday season.

Features of the Natural DIY Soap Kit

Natural DIY Soap Kit

All Natural SLS Free Soap Making Kit—A Loot Bag Favourite!
Makes 16 fun shaped soaps.

This safe and easy to use DIY kit is the perfect activity to keep even the tiniest hands busy! In the box you’ll find everything you need to make pure sulphate free glycerine soaps, including 2 blocks of glycerine soap, 2 bottles of pure essential oil, a soap mould, stirring spoons and a dropper. Simply melt a bar of glycerine soap, add your oils to create the perfect scent, pour into the mould—and voila! In just 60 short minutes your soaps will be ready to use. Looking for another fun activity? The DIY Soap kit box is designed to be repurposed as a shadowbox—an excellent craft activity and keepsake for the kids! Kit measures 8 x 8 x 1.6 inches.

I had so much fun making these soaps, that I can't wait to try some of the other Kiss Naturals DIY Kits! Check out these great kits that you can use at home, or give to someone you care about...

Natural DIY Lip Balm Kit
Natural DIY Lip Balm Kit

Natural DIY Bath Fizzie Kit
Natural DIY Bath Fizzle Kit

Natural DIY Dog Paw Balm Kit
Natural DIY Dog Paw Kit

Natural DIY Solid Perfume
Natural DIY Solid Perfume Kit

How cool is it that you can use the boxes that the kits come in as shadowboxes, later on? Such a wonderful idea! I can't wait to try the other kits, and share about them with my friends and family. Kiss Naturals is such a neat company, and I am glad that I was able to connect with them, and share this special review with you all. Be sure to remember Kiss Naturals the next time you're looking for a great gift for one of your favorite young girls, or the crafty DIY lover in your life!

Want It? Buy It!

These amazing, affordable Natural DIY Kits are available through the Kiss Naturals website. Just click on the US flag (if you're here in the US, like I am), and then proceed to shop the site! You can keep up with Kiss Naturals on Facebook, and Twitter, too!

Want It? Win It!

One super lucky MBP reader will win their very own Natural DIY Soap Kit from Kiss Naturals! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win! *Open to US and Canada*

Special thanks to the team at Kiss Naturals for introducing me to their wonderful DIY kits, and for offering this super fun giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.


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