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Ideal Baby Gifts

Are all of your friends having babies and are you starting to struggle to think of baby gifts to buy?
When buying baby gifts there are a few things you have to consider. You need to think about whether you want the gift to be a practical newborn gift, a long term present that will last for years or something that is more meaningful.

Whatever the gift, there are a variety of stores on the high street and online shops where you can purchase a great present.

Large or expensive gifts such as the pram, the cot and car seat can be left to the parents themselves as they may have models in mind to suit their needs. However, if the parents have said they don't mind you getting such gifts, then you can help them by doing so.

Baby books and photo albums make great christening gifts. This is because the parents can document and record the important parts and the milestones in their baby's life. Some baby books have sections to put locks of hair and to keep photographs.

Things like silver rattles, photo frames and piggy banks also make great gifts. If they are engraved that's even better because they have more of a personal touch.

Vouchers will also make a great christening gift. Just select the store that the parents shop at often and then purchase an amount of your choice. Vouchers don't have to be spent straight away so parents can pick their baby something later in the year or when they need it.

It is absolutely fine to buy your friend's baby bibs and onesies for a first Christmas. Parents always need these because babies grow fast and can be messy! They are practical presents and they come in a variety of colours featuring lots of different animals. Santa Claus bibs and outfits will make great Christmas gifts as they are festive and the baby will look cute in its new festive gear.

Yes, children love to get chocolate at Easter. They don't mind a bag of the multi-coloured mini eggs or a large giant Easter egg. But you can't give these to your friend's baby so why not treat them instead to a giant stuffed animal in the shape of an Easter bunny. This will look great in their room and it's something they will appreciate more as they get older.

First birthday
As the child gets older, stimulating and educational toys make great presents. Get fun ones that range in a variety of colours, textures, styles and shapes. These toys will stimulate their minds and nurture their development.

You can also buy them classic books that come in a collection set. Books such as Beatrix Potter and the Paddington Bear series make great gifts as they are timeless. Although the baby won't be able to read them when it comes to their first birthday they might enjoying listening to the stories and it's a present that can be treasured forever. 

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