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Duracell PowerMat (Review and Giveaway)

How many times have you been out of the house, needing to be on your phone, and it just simply dies on you? Modern technology is so wonderful- with all of the Apps, and the other things we are able to do on our cell phones, but using those Apps and uploading photos, texting, etc- can zap a phone's battery faster than you can let your hair down! I am used to having to charge my smartphone off and on all throughout the day, to ensure it has a charge until I go to bed!

Now, you can quickly and conveniently charge your phone, with the Duracell PowerMat. This three product system debuted over the summer, and has been changing how we charge our phones, ever since!  I was sent a super sleek Duracell PowerMat to try out, and was super excited! Now, it's important to note that I reviewed this product with a friend, using their iPhone, as I don't have one (yet- it's at the top of my Christmas list!).

Balian was ready to check out the PowerMat!

The 24 Hour Power System, and 1 additional Wireless Case for iPhone.

The Duracell 24 Hour Power System comes with a charging pad for up to two devices, and a back up battery. I also received a pink and white wireless case for the iPhone. The idea behind the PowerMat is to give cell phone, device users the ability to basically power up the charging mat, and then take it with you- so you can charge your enabled phone, anywhere- without cords or wires.

Packaging of the Powermat... along with easy to follow directions.

The first step to using this system is to enable your phone. Simply match a wireless case to your phone type (iPhone, Android), and enable your phone for charging. The case easily fits onto the phone, and is ready to go. Next, power up your PowerMat by plugging it in once, to charge it up, so you can use it at home or on the go. Finally, drop your phone or other devices onto the PowerMat, and they'll charge away- with no wires or cords!

Phone charging on the PowerMat...

I am very happy to report that our experience with the Duracell PowerMat has been wonderful! We enabled the iPhone, and then charged both the phone, and the back up battery, quickly and easily. My friend was able to take the phone and the battery with her on the go, and though she didn't need to use the back up battery, we tried it out, just to test it- and when we connected the battery to the phone, it charged the phone right back up, like a dream!

2 Device PowerMat, Back-up Battery, and Wireless Case

The PowerMat is great to use at home, at the office, or anywhere you would generally charge your phone or devices. I have  areally bad habit of just sort of putting my phone down on my night stand, and forgeting to connect it to my power cord to charge it back up during the night. Now, with the Duracell PowerMat on my night stand, I won't have to worry about that. I can just drop my new phone onto the PowerMat, and let it charge without ever needing to use my power cord! So convenient! 

Features of the Duracell PowerMat

To set up, simply plug in your Powermat®. Then just drop and charge your Duracell Powermat enabled device (Wireless Charging Case and Power On The Go sold separately).
Powermat features a sleek minimalist design with an aluminum base construction topped off with a smooth, high polish surface.
Charging indicators that "bleep" along with a light at each access point let you know charging has begun or ended. The light dims down after thirty seconds for a more subtle indication.
Smart power functionality stops sending power when devices are full
 charged so it doesn’t waste energy or overcharge batteries.

Powermat® for 2 Devices
(1) Universal Power Supply (100-240 VAC)
(1) Owners Manual
Product Dimensions: 3.75"H x 6.25"L x 0.375"D
Product Weight: 0.40 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 5.625"H x 7.1875"L x 3.125"D
Package Weight: 1.0 lbs.
Warranty: 1 Year

I love the Duracell PowerMat so much, that I'd like to have one in both our bedroom (which is also my office), and the kitchen- two places in our home, where we normally charge our phones. This system would make the ultimate gift for any of your friends or family members who are contantly on their phones, or just plain love modern technology! I think my dad would flip over a charging system like this!

Duracell PowerMat is available for one, two or even three devices! These are specifically for use with the iPhone or Samsun Galaxy (at this time). There are a ton of wonderful accessories that go with the PowerMat that you'll want to check out, too!

Want It? Buy It!

Head to Duracell PowerMat to learn more about this amazing 24 Hour Charging System. This system retails for $99.00, and is available for purchase through the PowerMat website, and on Amazon.

Duracell PowerMat Special Offer

Promo Code: POWER25
Dates: 12:01AM 12/19/12 until 11:59PM 12/20/12
Take 25% off you entire order from www.duracellpowermat.com
FREE ground shipping
Cannot be combined with other promotional offers

 Be sure to connect with Duracell PowerMat on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest PowerMat news and product dvelopment.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Duracell PowerMat System! Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Good luck!

Special thanks to PowerMat for allowing us to try out this wonderful new way to charge our devices, as well as offering this spectacular giveaway for our readers!

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. Mommy's Block Party and its team members are not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment- this is the understood responsibility of the giveaway sponsor.


  1. I'd love to have one because it seems my phone battery NEVER stays charged. It would be great to have in the living room.

  2. I dont have a charger for my iphone except the one that plugs into my computer so this would be a luxury to have! Thanks.

  3. I don't have anything like it and would like to see how well it will work with my cell phone.

  4. ever since these type of things started making their debut, i've been curious as to if they truly work. now would be a good chance to try! thanks!
    aimee c.

  5. I would love it for my daughters phone and she could use it between all her travel for work, home and calls that don't quit

  6. I would love this mat because my husband would love being able to just set his phone down on it to charge instead of searching around for the right cord.

  7. I would like to have a convenient charging system


    I would love to win this for my son. He has a Android phone and he's constantly losing his phone charger or tripping over the charger cord.


  9. It seems like a convenient way to charge your electronics.

  10. I would love to try because it looks really convenient and it would eliminate some of the chargers that are hogging our outlets
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  11. I really like the drop and charge feature.and be able to take with me...with several devices in the household..it would definitely be used more often... and no more low charged phones...LOL

  12. I'd like to try it because I have multiple devices and am always needing a charge.

  13. I'd like to try it because I have multiple devices and am always needing a charge.

  14. Because I'm forever losing my chargers

  15. with all the running around me and my hubby do it would make our lives so much easier!.. especially since we share a charger lol

  16. Because I'm so sick of having chargers all over the house!

  17. To see if I can get a better longer lasting charge. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  18. I'd love to have one because we are always out and the phone dies. I hate the cords in the car to charge. This would also be so handy at home!

  19. I'd love to have everything charging in one spot!

  20. I'd love to have everything charging in one spot!

  21. all the devices my kids have, I am running out of socket space...

  22. Seems like it would make charging phones a tad easier, and a little fun!

  23. With two teen girls-we are looking for a way to streamline the "charging station!"

  24. we have to many cords everywhere so this is pefect for us!

  25. We have far too many charging systems

  26. I would like this for a quick & easy way to charge our devices. Thanks.

  27. Would be great for charging electronics

  28. I don't use any handheld devices, but my wife clutters the house with charging cords for her phone and music player and other various devices. maybe this could consolidate those cords into one little device.

  29. I'd love to give it to my techie brother in law as a birthday gift.

  30. I would love to give this to my dad for his iPhone, looks like a great charger!

  31. I would like to try it and see how much space it would save when traveling. So many cords for all the electronics we carry with us, becomes a big mess.

    mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

  32. I would love to see how this really works for me- it looks as if it would be really convenient for our family.


  33. I want this to charge my iphone.
    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  34. Friend has it...the portable backup is an amazing advancement

  35. Friend has it...portable battery backup is VERY handy

  36. I would love to try this to charge my phone!!

  37. I would love this to charge my iphone!
    Amanda Sakovitz


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