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Delux KnitWits (Review)

My son is not usually one for wanting to do what I ask him to do. Balian is two years old, and incredibly willful. Asking him to sit down so we can put his shoes on, is sometimes cause for a meltdown. Do I get it? No, but then again, I'm twenty-nine, and love shoes. It's been like a rollercoaster with temperatures here in North Carolina lately, so we've had a fair mix of warm and cool days. The mornings and evenings, however have been downright cold, and when cold temperatures hit, and my little man is in sight, all I can hear is my mother's voice, saying, 'they really should have a hat on that little one.'

Keeping my little dude warm and cozy is important to me, so I have spent a few extra buckaroos on some kids hats for the cold weather months. Balian hates hats, though. I usually have to fight with him to get a hat on his head, and it's hitting the floor seconds later. Mommy fail. If only I could find a hat that he would actually like- and want to wear!

Knitwits Originals Animal Hats | Sesame Street | Hello Kitty | WWF

It's Knitwits to the rescue- and thank goodness! Knitwits is the creator of the original animal hat. These one of a kind hats are made from New Zeland wool, and go through a twelve step process which covers everything from dyeing the wool to hand finishing each and every hat. These sofy, cozy, friendly animal hats are sold in over fourteen countries!

We were lucky enough to get our mitts on a couple of these adorable Delux Knitwits Hats- from the very popular Sesame Street line. Balian is a huge fan of Sesame Street, and its beloved characters, so he was truly delighted to see both Cookie Monster and Elmo in the form of a cute and cuddly hat!

Cookie Monster Delux Knitwits Hat

Elmo Delux Knitwits Hat

Balian absolutely could not wait to try these hats on. They arrived when it was pretty cold, so it was perfect timing! The kids size hats are the perfect size for Balian (they're a bit large, but that's okay- room to grow!). He has been enjoying these hats so much that he has insisted on wearing them to church, doesn't want to take them off inside, etc. 

The hats really are very warm, and the inside of each hat is lined with a soft fabric, which doesn't scratch or irritate a child's sensitive skin.

Take a look at hom much B has been enjoying these fuzzy friends from Knitwits...

Keepin' it warm and cozy with Elmo and daddy...

Can't leave the house without his Elmo Knitwits!

Keepin' it real with Cookie Monster

We love the adorable faces on these Knitwits Hats. The eyes and noses really pop out and create conversation and fun, for all! These hats, among others are available in youth and adult sizes, and can be purchased individually, or in sets! Don't forget the matching mittens!

Check out a few of the other Knitwits Hats and Mittens we're loving...

Abby Cadabby® Mittens
Abby Cadabby Mittens and Hat

Oscar® the Grouch Scarf Hat
Oscar the Grouch Scarf Hat

Kiki the Kitty Earmuffs
Kiki the Kitty Ear Muffs

Don't let the holiday gifting season go by without checking Knitwits out! These hats, gloves, scarves and accessories are a great gift option for kids of all ages, and grown-ups, too! I know I'd personally love to have a pair of texting gloves, and I'm pretty sure my sister would love the Hello Kitty collection! Wrap these cuties up or stuff them into the stockings, hung by the fire- either way, you'll have happy campers on your hands if you give the gift of Knitwits this holiday season!

We have a winner...

Want It? Buy It!

Go ahead and jump on over to the Knitwits website to browse their adorable designs and make your gift picks! You can connect with Knitwits on Facebook and Twitter, so you never miss new products, updates, deals and more!

Special thanks to the team at Knitwits for allowing us to review their adorable animal hats, and for allowing us to share about them with the MBP community.

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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