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Christmas Gift Ideas for For the Nephew and Niece

Let’s face it - nephews and nieces happen to be pretty special for their uncles and aunts. Why? Because as an aunt or uncle, you get to play around with them and have a great time without worrying about the any stressful factors.

So, when it’s time for Christmas, it’s your job to ensure that you choose a unique and meaningful gift for your nephew or niece. Here are a few christmas gift ideas that you may want to have a look at...

#1: Animal Hoodies

Most children adore animals, which is why they not only have fun dressing up as animals but also look mega cute doing so! However, kids obviously can’t dress up as animals every time, except on certain occasions. This is where the “animal ear hoodies” comes into picture.

Your nephew or niece would look really adorable in animal ear hoodies that have little earns sewed or attached to the top of the hood. If you want you can buy such a hoodie or if you’re creative, you can create one on your own. There are a number of options you can go for. Right from cats to dogs to elephant ears - your choices are not limited!

#2: Mini Micro Scooter

If your nephew or niece happens to be a toddler then go for a gift that goes an extra mile. The mini micro scooter is one such gift idea that is specifically designed for toddlers. It will make your nephew/niece feel like a big, responsible kid.

The best part is that it’s simple for your toddler to operate! With two wheels on the front board for balance and on in the back, along with a handle bar whose height is adjustable - it’s a perfect transition for your nephew/niece from his or her stroller.

#3: Hip, Trendy Clothing

Even if your nephew or niece is a kid, he or she deserves to dress cool. So one of the most useable and nice gift idea would be to simply gift them some trendy clothing from a premium brand.

When it comes to shopping for trendy kid clothing, you have a ton of variety. And the best part is that no matter what you buy, it will look good on your nephew or niece because kids look cute in almost anything they wear! You can buy such clothing from a good, reputed online store such as http://www.lilswanky.com.

Finding the right gift idea for your niece or nephew doesn’t have to be complicated. If you look at it, gift shopping for kids is actually simple. And since this is your own nephew/niece, you will find it even more easier knowing their likes and dislikes.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I have one of each to buy for and this really helps:)


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