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A Nurse's Christmas Wishlist

I will be the first to admit that I don't know a whole lot about what it's like to walk a day in the shoes of a nurse. I haven't got the stomach or the patience to be a nurse, so I'll gladly stick to the minimal amount of time that I have to be a nurse to my son, and husband when they are ill or hurt. Lucky for us, my sister-in-law is a nurse, and we are very glad to have her around when we have questions or symptoms that aren't necessarily recognizable. Our very own family nurse is pretty wonderful. She spends her days taking care of pregnant women in a local OBGYN office, and truly loves everything about it from the personalities of the patients, to the daily work, involving weigh-ins, blood pressure measurements, administering shots, etc.

When I asked for her Christmas list this year, I was almost surprised to see medical scrubs on it. I never really thought about the fact that nurses often purchase their own scrubs to wear while they're working, though, it makes sense, as the rest of us have to buy our own professional attire. Where we live, there are very few places that offer uniforms for those in medical professions, unless you want to travel thirty miles in heavy traffic to a crowded outlet mall. So, I basically had no idea as to where to even begin looking for scrubs for my sister-in-law. I had no choice but to ask her for a few suggestions, and she was happy to help.

At the top of her list, with a star next to it, in fact, was MedicalScrubsMall, with Cherokee in parentheses. She told me that they were the most comfortable scrubs she'd ever worn, and on top of that, they were available in tons of colors, and different styles and fits. She expressed how wearing a uniform to work every day can certainly make life easier, and in her line of work, it's a necessity, but it can also take the fun of creating a cute ensemble away, if you wear the same old drab-looking scrubs day in and day out.

So, I headed online to check out the Cherokee uniforms, and I could see why she liked their styles so much! It almost seemed like I was looking at regular, wear-to-work blouses or tops, instead of scrubs. There were a lot of vibrant colors, patterns, and fits that actually looked like they would flatter every shape, instead of wear like hanging drapery on a human body. I had a lot of fun selecting mix and match pieces for her, and really can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning, when she opens up her new scrubs.

I couldn't help but ask my sis-in-law how she kept from getting bored with what she had to wear to work, even though she had found adorable, stylish medical scrubs. She told me that it's easy to find little things to do to change up her look from day to day, like finding some cute hair clips or accessories that aren't too flashy, or that won't get in the way. Keeping your hair out of the way is sort of a 'must' for nurses, while they're hard at work, so anything that will help to create a stylish up-do is a plus. Changing up your make up can be fun, too, but it's best that you keep a natural, professional appearance. An easy and fun thing to do is sweep a light (lean toward neutrals) coordinating color of eyeshadow over your eyelids that highlights the color of your scrubs, or brings out the color of your eyes. Little embellishments that can be clipped to shoes can also add a little extra fun and flair, as well as tiny earrings (really- tiny is best, because no one wants to have gloves, equipment, etc. get stuck in a big hoop or rock on a post). If all else fails, just grab a cute pen to use on and off through out the day!

I'm glad that I now know of the perfect place to find the most comfortable scrubs in the world for my sister-in-law. Guess what else I included in her Christmas gift package? You guessed it- a neutral eyeshadow pallet, a flexi hair clip, a pair of cute tiny post earrings, and a pink pen! Couldn't help myself!

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