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Svan Play With Me Toddler Table and Chairs (Review)

I cannot believe how quickly my 'baby' is growing. It seems like only yesterday, I was nursing him to sleep, and now, he's a little tornado, and two years old. He's such a little person now, immitating everything that mommy and daddy do. It's important to me, that he has a place all his own- for playing, creating, quiet time, and what have you. I had been on the hunt for some toddler furniture for Balian's bedroom, without much luck, locally. So, when I was offere the opportunity to review a beautiful Play with Me Toddler Table and Chairs set from Svan, I was pretty stoked!

About Svan

It all started in 1996, when two dads designed the sturdy, and now very popular Svan High Chair. The sturdy, safe, functional design grew widespread attention and interest, and before long, the Svan collection expanded into creating ride-on toys and toddler products.Svan's main focus is on loving life with children. Too often, parents are struggling to find places to put baby/toddler gear and products when company comes over. Svan's products are as beautiful as they are functional- and made to be used, loved and enjoyed for years and years! Many of Svan's products have won international awards, and are made to the highest safety standards, so parents can rest easy, knowing their little ones are safe while eating, playing, etc.

We were lucky enough to be the proud recipients of Svan's Play with Me Toddler Table and Chairs Set, which retails for $200.00. This set comes with a pint sized table, three toddler chairs, and one stool, made to support the weight of an adult, or older child. We asked for the Natural colored set to match the furniture in Balian's room, but the set is also available in Cherry and Espresso.

Svan Play with Me Set- still in the big, blue box!

Our Svan Play with Me Toddler Table Set arrived safely, all in one box, and Balian was very excited to see it! That same day, we removed the (many) pieces from the box, spread them out on our large dining table, and then my husband got to work on putting the set together.

Open box- frame and other pieces (inside the smaller box).

The lid to the box became in instant toy, of course!

All of the pieces were well packaged and protected, and well labeled.

I think my husband was a bit overwhelmed by how many pieces there were to the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table and Chairs Set, at first. Once he laid out the pieces, however, and started reading the instructions, he felt much more at ease, and went right to work on putting the table and chair together. He's a wiz at putting things together- quickly, safely and correctly, so I wasn't worried. The instructions were very clear and simple to follow, with detailed photo diagrams (which helps folks like me, who have trouble reading and following directions!).

Doin' the daddy thing- putting it all together, while we watch...

Working on one of the chairs...

Getting there...

Almost- hang in there!

The table was the first piece to be put together, then the stool, followed by the three chairs. All of the parts were included for Sacha to put this set together, and it took less than forty-five minutes for him to finish the job. It was recommended that we glue some of the pieces, for extra security, and then let it dry overnight. So, we did as directed, and then, we had a little boy who was going haywire to play at his new table!

The next morning, this little guy was excited to get to playing!

And, he got a special treat- breakfast at his very own table!

Daddy even got in on the fun!

I can't tell you how much we have been loving and enjoying this table as a family, and how very special having a little dude table makes Balian feel. It's so much easier for us to sit together at his play table fom Svan to color, read, role play, create, build and discover, than to drag everything out and into the dining room, and deal with tantrums as we try to get Balian to sit in his booster seat. Now, we're the ones who are being invited to come to his room to play. We spend lots of time doing puzzles, and playing pretend together, and we just treasure those precious moments with our son.

Sacha and I feel that the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table and Chairs set is very safe. We've had zero accidents with anything tipping over, or Balian falling out of a chair. I do keep the adult stool pushed underneath of the table, so Balian won't be tempted to play on it. The stool supports my weight very well, though my husband opts for the floor, even though the stool will support up to 250 lbs! How awesome is that!? The table easily wipes clean, and then it's ready for the next adventure!

Features of the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table
(From the Svan website)

Superior Construction
Crafted of high-quality birch wood, this 5-piece set offers a durable and family-friendly table for children from two to seven years of age.

Encourages Child/Parent Interaction
Each set includes a stool, which allows a parent to come down to the child’s level for play. The seats and stool hold up to 250 lbs and are sturdy enough to support an adult.

Stackable Seating
The chairs and stool nest on top of one another, which makes this set easy to store.

Classic Scandinavian Design
Modern Scandinavian design compliments any decor, making this set the perfect addition to any living room, bed room, play room, or nursery.

Perfect For Children's Activities
 The Play With Me Toddler Table & Chairs are ideal for art projects, tea parties, games and other activities.

Dimensions and Weight
Shipping dimensions: 26” x 27” x 4” at 39 lbs.
Assembled dimensions: 25” x 25” x 20”.
Table Height: 20".
Table Diameter: 23 3/4".
Seat Height/Stool Height: 12".
Seat Back Height: 20 1/2".
250 lb. weight rating for chairs, stool and table.
Product Specifications
Lead-free stain finish.
Manufactured using inset nuts, which improves stability and ease of assembly.
Includes a table, three chairs, and a stool.
Assembly required.
CPSIA Compliant.
Care Instructions
Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth or sponge.
Always dry thoroughly after cleaning or any spills.

Mommy and Balian time at the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table- I got invited to come in for coffee!

Svan has some super cool products for the kiddos! 
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I have been so impressed by the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table, that I have been recommending it to all of the moms I know who have little ones around Balian's age, and a wee bit older, as well. It's just the perfect size, and encourages creative play for kids all on their own, as well as encourages interaction between parents/caregivers and their children. Balian and I spend the better part of each morning in his room, at the table, doing puzzles, playing with blocks, situating his stuffed animals in the reamining seats and playing restaurant, etc. The table is a must-have for playrooms, bedrooms or nurseries!

The Svan Play with Me Table would make an absolutely exciting gift for kids this holiday season. To me, it seems like a great gift for parents who are expecting, or a great gift from parents or grandparents to a child. It adds a modern touch of fun to any room or play space, and will be used, loved and enjoyed again and again!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table, as well as Svan's other wonderful products online at Scandinavian Child. You can also check their website to see where else these products are available. You can also connect with Svan through Scandinavian Child on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter, to catch product news, updates and more!

Special thanks to Scandinavian Child for allowing us to review this wonderful product and share about it with our readers!

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Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received directly from this sponsor for review purposes, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.


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