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Should I Go to Culinary School?

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly ten years ago, my sister and I were both in college. My sister already lived at home, and though I lived three and a half hours away, I made the decision to move back home and help my family. Just a month or two later, my grandmother was diagnosed with lymphoma. The decision to move home was the right one, as we would quickly realize just how much we would be needed to help take both our mom, and our grandmother to Dr's. appointments, stay with them during their recovery periods, etc.

I did as much as I could for both of these amazing women, as did my sister. It was my sister, however, who really stepped up to the plate at meal time. She started making us dinner almost every night, and would just experiment with different flavors and ingredients that we had lying around- creating masterpieces in a simple skillet! I knew she liked to cook, but never fully realized her gifts in the kitchen. Late one night, I remember sitting with her as she asked me, 'Should I go to culinary school?' It was something we'd all been thinking about for her. A school had just opened in Charlotte, NC, not too far from where we lived. It would be a wonderful experience, for certain, but the choice was up to her. I encouraged her to make a list of pro's and con's of heading off for training, and to do some research. When I returned home from work the following day, I got an earful!

  • A formal education, and degree: Attending school walks you through actual courses, as well as gives you experience in different areas of the kitchen from working with pastries to cooking.
  •  It shows determination and commitment: As with working toward any degree, achieving a culinary arts degree shows that you are persistent, up for a challenge, and that you can work outside of your comfort zone.
  • Hands on training: Rather than sitting through countless lectures, you will actually be in the kitchen, trying your hand at different dishes and techniques.
  •  Team building: Working with others in school, prepares you for what it will be like working with others in the restaurant world or food service industry.
  •  Opportunities: You may have the opportunity to study with or work with an acclaimed or even celebrity chef!
  •  Opportunity for advancement: In some cases, people with actual culinary degrees advance faster in their careers, than those who do not have a degree.


  •  The expense: Some culinary schools may cost anywhere between $40,000 - $1000,000. With the rising cost of tuition in general, however, and the availability of scholarship monies, there is plenty of aid available for those who may need tuition assistance. Many people will spend this much or more on their education, obtaining a Bachelor's degree in their field.
  •  No Guarantees: As with any field, there is no guarantee that there will be a job for you after you graduate. However, people eat all the time, and restaurants are still doing well, even in a slower economy. The world will always need good cooks!
  • Obligations and Timing: It can be hard to pick up and start fresh in a new field, especially when you have a paying job, or a family. Ultimately, you have to make the decision that is best for you, but chances are, your loving family will support your decision and do whatever it takes to help you fulfill your dream!

I admired my sister for doing some research about entering a new field of study, and for coming up with such a thorough list. We worked through the pro's and con's list together, and in the end, our entire family stood behind her and encouraged her to pursue a new venture. A few months later, she met the man who she would later marry, and moved to Kansas. She now resides with him in Oklahoma, and works for an airline. Her passion for cooking is still very much alive, and we still encourage her to pursue it, because it's never too late to start a new career and to follow your dream.

Have you ever thought of a career in the food service industry?

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