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One of My Top Five International Travel Spots: Australia

A few years ago, my dad got to take the trip of a lifetime. He went on sabbatical, and flew across the world to Sydney, Australia, to attend the Hillsong Conference. My dad is a church musician, and had been looking forward to attending this annual conference for a very long time. We were completely thrilled that he was able to go, but due to the extreme cost of travel and lodging, it was a trip that he had to take all by himself. When he returned, he told us all about his experience in Sydney, and what it was like to use their public transit system. He told us that he got pretty confused over how one of the trains was supposed to work, and he wound up being questioned by the local police, because he was apparently in the wrong spot, while waiting for the train. Luckily, they realized it was all just a big misunderstanding, and it's a moment in time that my dad will never forget!

I've also always wanted to travel to Australia, and my husband and I have often talked about going there, one day. After hearing about my dad's mix-up with the trains, however, I might be sort of hesitant to use the train system. If we could swing it, it would be wonderful to be able to rent a car, if we were going to be there for a week or two. My husband loves the thrill of the open road, and would absolutely love to experience what it's like to drive in another country. He's especially interested in cars from other countries, so we spent some time looking over the Citroen c4. Looks like a great car for traveling- day trips, extended trips, etc. Plus, the design is right up my husband's alley. I can just imagine a leisurely drive through beautiful Australia, up the coastline. I know that Australia has beautiful beaches, and I would absolutely love to take a couple of weeks off during our winter season, and fly out to Australia, where they'll be experiencing their summer.

Australia is one of my top five places that I would love to visit. Other places I'd love to visit are Italy, Germany/Austria, the UK, and Greece. I've done very little international traveling, except to the Bahamas. This January, we are cruising to Mexico, Honduras and Belize. We're slowly starting to broaden our international travel horizons.

Have you ever traveled internationally? 
Where have you traveled to?

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  1. I lived in England for 2months and traveled around England as well as France, Ireland, Whales, and Spain. The hardest part was getting used to crossing the street.



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