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Conversation Pieces (Guest Post & Holiday Deals)

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I don't always open up my life this much, but I thought this would pull a heartstring in you too.

I woke up this morning, and realized I forgot to pick up celery yesterday at the market.  Along the way, on a cold holiday morning, with the streets clear of cars... thehomeless people stood out; by the train stations... at street corners... and under freeway passes.   Then something heart wrenching hit me.   My family is in Singapore, and though it is not the same as being homeless, it is a long way to meet up and calls and cards can only offer so much.  

Most years, I would accept an invitation but this year, I felt aimless and without a plan.  Do I want to host or accept a friend's invitation at their home?   After all, we just situated ourselves in a new home-office with lots of room inside and outside in ourbeautiful sunny California backyard, so that certainly would have been fun.  But for some reason, it didn't speak to me.

Last Thanksgiving, a bad business partnership last year left us huddled up in our apartment.  I felt so bad that there wasn't even rice in the bucket for Angel. 

We worked through it in all honestly and strive.  We kept to our business and work ethics, not breaking the agreements we shook hands on.  And we kept to our personal beliefs in consistency and timeliness.  I am industrious but not super ambitious. Most days I don't know what I'm working this hard for.  I just enjoy having a consistent pace to look forward to everyday. 

I also value relationships over profit, and staying low key over getting famous.  We take our time to enjoy the richness of the journey.  I believe that's what kept a tiny business around for 10 years.

So when we got in trouble, it was amazing how our vendors got together and put me back in business.  There are many many thanks to be said for all the advice (Oh boy... The votes shifted daily.  It was warehouse vs retail space vs home-office), the guidance on private labeling, packing, shipping, technology, and strong muscles on loan to me (Yes, I said muscles!) to get to this point, and we will have our own Thanksgiving-Christmas-Overdue-Housewarming-Party next weekend in the space WE put together.  That includes your contribution in helping us burst out of our 1 bedroom apartment.  Thank you.  Wish you were here.

Meanwhile, on the very last day of "How shall I reflect upon Thanksgiving?", I was still feeling aimless.  I wanted to do something. I now have the resources to create and execute a holiday plan.  But I needed a plan that would tug at my heart.

By the time I rolled into the supermarket parking lot, I made the decision to 'host' the homeless, in my own way, particularly the ones in my vicinity that do not have the means for transportation to the nearest shelter.  

* Assembling Time *

I left the market with ham, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, mini pecan pie and food containers... enough to feed 12 people.  It is not a lot of meals but I felt good and enthusiastic doing what makes logical sense today.  I got home, assembled the meals and then Angel and I got in the car and went on the same morning route to hand them out.  I spoke at length to some of the meal recipients and let's just say it was the best $80 I spent sharing a meal with strangers. 


And now, I don't feel so aimless anymore.  I put Thanksgiving Day to good use. 

Today, I took care of others.
Tomorrow, I'll take care of me.  
I'm going on a mini vacation adventure!  

And while I'm away, enjoy FREE SHIPPING ALL WEEKEND!  

Use code 'THANKS' 

To all our beloved customers, many who've turned friends, THANK YOU for putting up with a small business and quirky me.  :)

No matter the occasion or recipient, you're sure to find the perfect little luxury of a stylish wrap cardi that a great hostess or friend may often overlook buying for themselves. Gift a friend, a mother, a sister or yourself this elegantly draped open cardigan in 7 shades, finished with cleverly placed ribbing. 

Add this relaxed fit cardi to your off-duty wardrobe, or wrap one of your favorite ribbons, then sign off with love. This cardi will carry you from fall to winter, providing the perfect anchor to the season's layering styles.  

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The Love is More Than A Fuzzy Feeling Scarf. 
It's Back! 
And this time, they were specially made for us.  
You won't find it anywhere else. 

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling? The one that makes you happy... the one where you have to catch your breath when your heart starts pounding and you start seeing stars?  It is also the feeling when you get an old fashion greeting card in the mail, a walk in the park with the birds chirping, and the smell of cookies baking at grandma's! This luxuriously fine knitted polyester scarf features sprinkles of fuzzy hearts to put a smile on your face. :)  

New Arrivals




Have a beautiful week! And stay tuned for the rest!

Hugs, Kisses and Tail Wags
Audrey + Angel

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i'm trying to do a better job of keeping on track of these things this year!

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