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TogetherBe Mei Tai (Review)

When Cameron was born I knew I wanted to “wear him”.  That's the world’s term for babywearing, or using a device to “carry” your baby.  I knew that having a newborn I would be carrying him around a lot, but still have 2 dogs a handful of cats, a husband and tons of other stuff to also take care of while needing to tend to him.  A friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of “babywearing” and I've been hooked ever since.

There are as many different types to ways to wear you kiddo as their are people who choose to wear them.  I started with a wrap, but at the time it was way too complicated for me with a teeny baby.  There is a lot of fabric involved.  I was then introduced to the Mei Tai carrier.  Since Cameron was about 8 weeks old (now 8 months) this has been my carrier of choice.  

My Isabel patterned TogetherBe Mei Tai

No like most babywearers you must (not really but its an addiction) have more than one carrier!  So with that said this TogetherBe Free Hand Mei Tai makes my 4th Mei Tai Carrier.  Though it quickly became my favorite.

Look how beautiful this is so in love with this pattern “Isabel”

Not only is this TogetherBe Freehand Mei Tai beautiful it is lightweight and has amazingly long straps.  When babywearing lightweight and breathable is a big deal.  Who wants to be carrying around extra weight and have a fully clothed lil baby smooshed up against them in a heavy fabric.  Not me Cameron and I hate to be hot.  

Comes with directions in the pouch

TogetherBe Freehand Mei Tais come in a bunch of different patterns and all range currently between $70-$80.  Now compared to some of your other babywearing options this is a great price.  

TogetherBe also sent this wonderful sturdy reusable bag

Now when babywearing carry options are really important.  Do you want to back carry, front carry, hip carry etc.  With the TogetherBe Freehand Mei Tai you can do all 3.

Cameron in a front carry with the TogetherBe Mei Tai

Cameron in a back carry with the TogetherBe Mei Tai

We tried to get a hip carry photo for you all to see, but Cameron is not fond of that carry- sorry.

Babywearing has become a staple in our home.  Cameron loves to be carried and see the world.  This gives me the opportunity to have him close and still have my hands free.  Thanks to TogetherBe for this beautiful Freehand Mei Tai.  

Want it??? Buy it!!!

You can get your very own
TogetherBe Freehand Mei Tai from their website or be their friend on Facebook.

Thanks a bunch!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned item free of charge for review purposes directly from the sponsor. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own. Your experience may differ.

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