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Toddlers and Printers Just Don't Mix

We tried our hardest. Really, we did. We tried to put everything out of our son's reach (you know, the things that we didn't want to wind up broken). Once you have a little one who is mobile, nothing is safe! My husband and I were in need of a new printer a few years back, when he was finishing up grad school. So, we saved a few bucks from our tax refund and invested in a pretty nice touch screen printer. It worked beautifully, until our curious toddler got his hands on it.

 It really couldn't be helped, as the computer equipment is usually kept locked in it media cabinet, out of his reach. However, one day when my hubby was printing off some music he had just finished scoring for a rehearsal, Balian reached down and saw the lighted screen, and became very excited. He hurriedly began pressing and mashing and bashing, and before either my husband or myself could grab him, the machine shut off. Our printer wouldn't come back on for days after that incident, no matter what we tried. Eventually, we gave in and called the tech support line, and they walked us through a few different things to try with our printer. It did finally turn back on, but we discovered that the 'off' touch button was damaged, and we were now unable to turn the printer off. We decided that we'd rather just have to leave it on all the time, than have no working printer at all. 

So, that's what we've been dealing with for about a year. Now that I'm working from home, though, I am printing a lot more. My husband is also taking more music gigs, which requires much more printing at home. We need a new printer that can keep up with our demands, so we're looking at purchasing the HP 4300n printer. It'll be great to have a printer that will print super quickly, and can handle a large volume at once! Now we'll just have to figure out where on earth to put it in our new home office area, so that little hands won't be tempted to touch it!

When was the last time you purchased a new printer?

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  1. My kids never got to my printer, although it was definitely in their reach. My son went for the laptop and pulled all the keys off - more than once! There is nothing more irritating that trying to put the keyboard back together since different keyboards are all set up a little differently. I think my son was jealous of my computer, what do you think?

    Bobbie Anne

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