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The Cookie Jar: Cat in the Hat Sugar Cookies (Review & Giveaway)

Part of Balian's 2nd Birthday Bash

Ready for something sweet? How about a little treat from The Cookie Jar? No party is complete without delicious snacks and sweet treats- especially not a Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat Party! I could have served nothing but sweets, and everyone would have been happy. I tried to be clever- serving green eggs and rolled ham and cheese pinwheels. My mother-in-law made delicious cupcakes, and we even had a chocolate fondue station for dipping pretzels and strawberry/marshmallow skewers. The biggest hit food-wise, though were the absolutely gorgeous custom Cat in the Hat Cookies that we received for review from The Cookie Jar.

The Cookie Jar has been in business for fifteen years, and creates not only delicious, but visually stunning cookies. When I was offered a set of 1 dozen Cat in the Hat Sugar Cookies to serve up and review at Balian's party, it made my day! I knew- just from the photos that I saw on Etsy, that the cookies would be delicious, and would steal the show on party day!

BEACH THEME - 1 doz platter sized sugar cookies
Beautiful beach themed cookies from The Cookie Jar

I corresponded with Ira at The Cookie Jar to send them Balian's name, and age. I couldn't wait to see how that info would be displayed on the cookies! Now, The Cookie Jar is based in Long Island, NY- which meant that the cookies would have a little ways to travel. After my order was submitted, Ira assured me that the cookies would be made just prior to the party date, so they would arrive nice and fresh for our guests. I was only a tad bit worried about the cookies arriving damaged or broken, but The Cookie Jar ships their cookies all over the place- so I figured they had to be pro's at safely packaging them.

Our box of Cat in the Hat Cookies arrived by Fed Ex two days before the party. I met the delivery guy on my front porch, and carefully took the box from him. The box was labeled 'fragile' and 'do not drop' was also written on it in a couple of places. See- pro's- just like I thought.

I was absolutely bursting with excitement, wanting to see the cookies. I opened the box very carefully, and unearthed the cookies that were carefully layered and cushioned by plastic bags and bubble wrap.

The cookies were in this box- in between lots of cush!

This was my first glimpse of our cookie surprise from The Cookie Jar. I liked what I saw!

The second layer of cookies in our box...

Okay, now for my reaction. I kid you not- I was just beaming from ear to ear when I saw the twelve beautiful cookies that had been sent to us. They looked so scrumptious, and just absolutely beautifully made! I was terrified to take them out of the packaging until the party, so I sent the cookies over to my mom and dad's house, so they would be kept safe until time for the party.

On Saturday, I waited until about thirty minutes before our guests arrived to set the cookies out on a couple of platters. As I set them out, I couldn't help but admire the thickness of the cookies... they were about the yummiest-looking, thickest sugar cookies I'd ever seen! The handiwork on these cookies just blew my mind. They were all so beautifully iced- I almost didn't want to see them get eaten!

Our first cookie platter held the two 'Cat Hat' cookies, two 'number two' cookies, and two personalized cookies bearing Balian's name.

Platter #2 contained two 'Cat' cookies, two 'Fish' cookies, and two 'Thing' cookies.

Just by taking a look at the cookies in these photos, you can tell that they are decorated by hand- no two cookies are exactly alike. Imagine the sheer talent it takes to be able to draw on and decorate cookies like this!

What a sweet treat these cookies from The Cookie Jar were at our party!

Needless to say, the cookies took the cake at the party! I mean, everyone was going on and on about how amazing the cookies looked, and no one wanted to eat them, because they just looked so incredible! I assured everyone that I snapped lots of photos, and encouraged them to enjoy the cookies- because they looked good, and I needed to find out how they tasted!

We let Balian start the taste test by handing over one of the 'two' cookies, and letting him have at it. He said, 'Mmm- good cookie, mommy!' From a two year old, that speaks volumes. Our guests really enjoyed the cookies (and honestly- many of them are baked goods snobs- they don't mind me saying so), and even the toughest cookie critics there were impressed.

Finally- I got to try a cookie!

I finally got to try one of the cookies the next day, with a cup of coffee, and I, too, was pleasantly surprised by how fresh the cookie tasted. I'm not usually a huge sugar cookie fan, but this cookie recipe is just right! The cookie was both crisp and soft- the best of both worlds of cookies. I even enjoyed the icing, as it wasn't too sweet, and didn't overpower the flavor of the actual cookie. One cookie was enough to leave my tummy full until lunch time, too!

I have got to hand it to Lisa, Ira and company for all for all of the hard work that they put into their family business. I know that each cookie is a joy to create and a labor of love, as well!

Take a look at some of these other gorgeous cookies from The Cookie Jar...

HALLOWEEN HAUNTS - 1 Dozen Decorated  Sugar Cookies
Halloween Haunts

PRINCESS THEME - 1 Dozen decorated sugar cookies - platter sized
Princess Theme

PIZZA PARTY - 1 dozen 4" slices of pizza - decorated sugar cookies
Pizza Party

WELCOME NEW BABY - 1 doz.platter sized sugar cookies
Welcome New Baby

I mean- wow! What can't they create at The Cookie Jar? The Cookie Jar loves to work on custom orders, and they welcome ideas and suggestions from fans, and customers! They even make their own cookie cutters at The Cookie Jar! They truly go above and beyond with their fanciful creations! Cookies from The Cookie Jar are the perfect addition to any special occasion, such as a party, wedding, shower, sleepover, or just because! They also make wonderful gifts! Don't forget about them this holiday season when you're making out your gift lists!

Want It? Buy It!

Go ahead and reach into The Cookie Jar on Etsy to browse the many, many cookie listing available to choose from. You've got to take a minute to look through all of their photos to see the full scale of their work. The prices are incredibly reasonable for 1 doz. freshly made to order sugar cookies. Look through the shop to get an idea on the pricing. The Cookie Jar is also on Facebook, so be sure to 'like' their page and make sure they're in your news feed, so you never miss out on news, photos, updates, etc!

Want It? Win It!

One super duper lucky MBP reader will win their very own set of 1 Dozen Sugar Cookies from The Cookie Jar! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below and follow the entry fields to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to the team at The Cookie Jar for creating and sharing such beautiful, delicious, themed cookies for our party, and for offering such a delicious giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, and May your cookie jar always be full!

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