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Snuggles of Love (Review and Giveaway)

Now, I am going to start this review off by saying in my opinion and i'm sure many of you share this opinion good customer service is a thing of the past!!  Snuggles of Love has reaffirmed that this may not be true.  

When approached to do a review and giveawa,y Tami of Snuggles of Love was more than eager to participate.  I was free to choose what size, colors, patterns etc that i wanted for my review item.  And wanted our readers to have the same option with the giveaway.  When our personalized dinosaur (of course it was dinos) Snuggles of Love blanket arrived I was so pleased with the quality, softness, size and of course how awesome it looked.  

Each Snuggles of Love product comes with washing/care instructions

I immediately threw this bad boy on the floor since Cameron was just starting to “crawl” and we have cats, I wanted him to have a “safe place” to lay without cat hair.  He loved how soft it was and would drag his toys onto it to play.

Cameron playing on his Snuggles of Love blanket

Now with my little man spending so much time on his new blanket during the day, it had to get washed.  It had drool, puffs and whatever else babies do to stuff to dirty it up.  So I got out my care instructions and washed it as stated.  Thats when we came across a major problem.  After our Snuggles of Love blanket came out of the dryer it didn't lay right.  It seemed as if the minky fabric was now “too big” as if it stretched or the dino fabric shrank.  So of course I hesitated to contact Tami at Snuggles of Love, but I had to.  I thought for sure this was something I had done to mess up this blanket was the wash water too hot? The dryer too hot? Tami was unsure what happened.  She told me that the minky was a new roll and maybe that was it maybe it stretched.  She then paid for a shipping label and had me mail the blanket back to her so she could investigate what happened.  Tami stated that either she would “fix” the original blanket or make a new one.  Talk about customer service!!!  I sent back the blanket and she was unable to figure out where things went wrong.  So another blanket for Cameron was made with a new minky backing.  Snuggles of Love then informed me that there would be a little something in the package for Cameron for the wait getting the new blanket back to me since she had paying orders to fill in the meantime. Really??? Snuggles of Love is AMAZING!

Our 2nd Snuggles of Love package

Upon opening this package I could see the extra item for Cameron and couldn't wait to find out what it was.  Snuggles of Love sent me a Thank You card!!! Really??? I'm telling you EXCELLENT customer service!!!  

Snuggles of Love tag on Cam’s surprise gift

So of course since Tami at Snuggles of Love couldn’t figure out what went wrong with the old blanket a new one was made and I had to see how soft this minky was.

Close up of Cameron’s Snuggles of Love blanket

I must say I didn't think that the 2nd blanket would be any better or worse than the 1st, but it was so much better!! Its 10x softer and we all just love the feel of this blue minky.  We also really love how Cameron’s name is in the dino fabric but almost looks like a really cool and unique  camouflage pattern.  Ok, ok, I'm sure you're dying to know what the special gift was right??? Ok, here it is!!!

A 2nd blanket!!! This one with airplanes!

Yep Snuggles of Love has outdone themselves!! Tami sent us yet another blanket for Cameron!!  This one though smaller ( I believe it is the stoller size) is perfect for those cold mornings we have had here in Maryland lately and I need to get him out to the car and keep him snuggly warm until it heats up.  Our dinosaur Snuggles of Love blanket is the toddler bed size so Cameron can get quite a few years of use out of this blanket.

Cameron sitting on his dino Snuggles of Love and playing with his airplane one

I want to thank Tami at Snuggles of Love for her time and working with us.  She makes so many other items then just the blankets.  Her customer service and quality of products are out of this world and you won't be disappointed.

Why would you be disappointed?? This kid isn't!!

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Snuggles of Love blanket or other product?? You can find Tami and Snuggles of Love on Etsy, Facebook or on their website.

Want it??? Win it!!
One lucky reader will get a $75 Snuggles of Love gift certificate to get anything that they choose!! If your product is more just simply pay the difference!! Hows that for a prize!!

Good luck, and thanks!


Disclosure: I was sent the above featured item free of charge for review purposes directly from the sponsor. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. MBP is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment or delivery.


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  5. I love the Dig It personalized blanket!

  6. I love the Dig It Personalized Toddler Travel Pillow

  7. I liked many, the cream and apple throw pillow that is personalized is nice

  8. What's your favorite item from Snuggles of Love?
    ~ the 2D Zoo Pool Personalized Blanket

  9. I would love to get a personalized throw blanket for my 17 month old niece with her name on it. Probably will choose the Orchid Blossom Pink blanket. http://snugglesoflove.com/item_37/Orchid-Blossom-Personalized-Girls-Blanket.htm Wish that there is a more purple blanket option.

  10. I love the boys dino blanket!

  11. my favorite is the Dig It Standard Size Applique Personalized Boys Pillowcase

  12. I like the Juicy Jungle Personalized Blanket
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  13. I really like the tutu birthday sets


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