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Genetic Testing: Are Your Genes Your Destiny?

 Genetic health testing is the most recent, innovative and scientific way of determining just how healthy your genes are. Some experts have described the boom in genetic health tests as “empowering” because they could enable you take make the correct lifestyle and dietary choices, develop a personalized form of living which is dictated by your genes.

Me, with my mother in 2009. My mom is a breast cancer survivor.

So what exactly is genetic health testing or genetic predisposition testing?

Genetic health testing is a form of genetic analysis that can estimate the risk of you developing certain autoimmune conditions over the course of your life. For example, the results of such a test might show you have a 60% chance of developing a form of cancer, let’s say lung cancer. The number of autoimmune conditions tested for can be up to 100 but normally span around 30. Knowing whether you carry any autoimmune diseases means prolonging your life and enjoying better health by making the right choices, hand in hand, with advice given by a doctor and nutritionist. 

The diseases that are tested for...

The diseases tested for fall into five main categories. 
The following are just a few examples and the list if far from comprehensive.

Cardiovascular conditions: for example, aneurysm and heart disease.
Diseases related to ageing: osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s 
General health: Obesity and Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2)
Cancers: lung cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer
Immune System diseases: Celiac disease and lupus

So how do I go about doing this test?

First of all, if you are thinking about doing this test, get advice from your doctor. This is simply because once you get the DNA genetic health test results it is he or she that will need to guide you and help you take preventive life style measure. Once you have done this, you can look for an online provider of genetic health testing, order your test and wait a couple of days for your home testing kit to be delivered to you. Inside the kit there will be all you need to collect your DNA samples, the instructions and the forms you will need to fill in. Once you have collected the DNA sample, you simply return everything back for analysis in the laboratory. 

The lifestyle changes will of course depend on the condition...

A lot of conditions can be deterred from developing by making certain life style changes. Let’s take breast cancer as an example. If you already have a history of breast cancer you are more likely to develop the condition and a genetic health test can help you understand just how small or big your risk is. If you do know you have a certain risk, then breast scans and breast checks become all the more important. Avoid full fat dairy foods, eat lots of salmon and lean protein and keep your weight down. Being overweight and breast cancer have been consistently linked in many important scientific studies.

You must all wish to look after your hubby’s health and must know that prostate cancer is not rare. Genetic health testing can provide a probability that will indicate how at risk he is of developing prostate cancer. The good news is that your genes may not necessarily dictate your destiny. Avoiding refined carbohydrates, learning stress management techniques and encouraging him to undertake moderate daily exercise can all be ways of preventing the onset of the diseases.

What about lung cancer? Do you smoke? Have you been trying to quit? What better incentive do you need than the results of a genetic health test that will establish the probability you have of a developing lung cancer? 

Diabetes, skin cancer and a myriad of other conditions can all be kept at bay with the right changes in life style.

~Guest Post~

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