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To me, one of the most essential parts of any woman's wardrobe, is her collection of accessories. With the right accessories, you can dress the same outfit up, down or have it lie totally in between, and be completely semi-casual. I am very fond of jewelry, and feel that there is always room for new friends to join the pieces that live in my jewelry box. One problem I often come across, though, is that I end up having to go to a lot of different stores or boutiques to find different types of jewelry. I'm a busy working mom, and I have to save time where and when I can, as it's very valuable to me. Being able to find the perfect accessories- both fashion jewelry, and fine jewelry, in one place, is music to my ears.

Fragments, a SoHo boutique, offers a unique collection of both fine and fashion jewelry. Founded in 1984, Fragments Founder and CEO, Janet Goldman filled a void in the accessory and jewelry market for fashion jewelry, and today, fashion jewelry is the largest category of jewelry on the market!

I was thrilled to find Fragments, and happy to be able to do some online browsing through their website. I'm in North Carolina, but would absolutely love to visit their SoHo boutique in NYC, the next time I'm up that way! Fragments features the handiwork of extremely talented designers, such as LK Designs, Jill Alberts, and Alex Sepkus. Shopping online at Fragments.com is a breeze. Everything offered by their wonderful designers, is beautifully displayed in photo detail, with an accompanying description. The types of jewelry are well categorized, so you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

I happen to be a pearl girl, all the way. To me, there's nothing classier than a simple set of pearl studs worn with a dress, jeans, or anything, really. To my surprise, I found my love for pearls growing by the minute as I browsed the gorgeous pearl creations available from Fragments.

Chunky Navy Pearls

Gorgeous Chunky Navy Pearl Necklace by Designer Jordan Alexander

My sister is a lover of diamonds. She has diamond studs, and a big, beautiful diamond ring from her husband. To her, diamonds are what rank above any other precious gem or stone. I saw quite a few pieces I knew she would love to receive as a gift this holiday season! I even spotted a stunning diamond ring that I am going to have to tell my brother-in-law about! My sister and bro-in-law will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary next fall, and this ring would knock her socks off!

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring by KC Designs

While fall is finally here, I am in holiday mode already. I am thinking of holiday parties, Christmas Eve dresses, and my upcoming 30th birthday cruise in January! I will have so many special occasions to dress up for this late fall and winter season that I am hungrily eyeing jewelry to wear with my dresses! Also, because jewelry is the ultimate 'anytime gift,' I like to keep a little list of gorgeous pieces to slip to my husband every now and then. He does know what I like to wear, but never minds a little help in the suggestion department. I tend to put lots of earrings on my list, because they're less likely to become broken by my curious toddler.

Chalcedony and Diamond Earrings
These Chalcedony and Diamond Earrings by Suzanne Kalan are the perfect compliment to the dress I will be wearing on the eve of my 30th birthday!

Now that I know about Fragments, and all of the many different styles of jewelry they offer, I don't think I could keep their online boutique to myself and not share about it with my family and friends. They have beautiful garnet birthstone jewelry to mix and match with the pieces I already own. I've been able to find the perfect pair of onyx studs to match a beautiful onyx ring that my grandmother gave to me, which is truly special to me.

Fragments has something for everyone, and something to suit every favorite style!

Want It? Buy It!

You can head to Fragments.com to browse their entire gallery of jewelry, and get to know all of the fabulous designers who are being showcased. Fragments is on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, so don't forget to connect with them there, so you never miss an update. Create your own account at Fragments.com to receive e-mail updates and receive faster checkout time while shopping, as well!

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