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Charlie's Place (Review)

Part of Balian's 2nd Birthday Bash

Balian's big day is one day away, and I am feeling the excitement! Party time will soon be here, and I am getting so antsy to use all of the wonderful items we have received at B's birthday party! Of course, we've already used a few of the Cat in the Hat themed items we're featuring this week and next, because they're great anytime items, and incredibly useful!

One of the biggest worries that I have about party day, is that Balian will get his adorable birthday shirt all gross from eating cake. Having to change into a 'let's get messy' shirt for the cake eating part of the party would be a huge pain- it's enough of a pain trying to get that little dude to keep his clothes on, sometimes! I found an awesome solution for avoiding messy party clothes at Charlie's Place.

Charlie's Place is owned and operated by Kate, in New Richmond, Wisconsin. Kate began her journey with Charlie's Place in an effort to keep her son's memory alive. You can read about the heartwarming story behind Charlie's Place here. It all started with a sock monkey, and grew from there, and now, Kate has an impressive array of handmade items that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

I fell in love with a Dr. Seuss themed children's wipeable apron that Kate created and had listed in her shop- Charlie's Place. The idea of a wipeable apron has always been in the back of my mind, but I am not crafty with fabric, so I knew it was not a project I'd ever want to take on, myself. I thought the apron would be an excellent way for Balian to keep his clothes clean while enjoying his birthday cake. Kate graciously agreed to send us one of her aprons for B's Birthday Bash, and we were very excited when it arrived.

Our special package is here from Charlie's Place!

Full view of the front of the Dr. Seuss Apron from Charlie's Place...

The apron is made from a durable laminated cotton fabric, and ties at the neck, and around the waist. It is intended to fit most children from ages 2-5.  As with any apron, you should never leave your child unattended while wearing. The body of the apron is approximately 19" long.

Balian, playing in his apron...

'Whatcha hungry for mommy?'

Balian could not wait to try the Dr. Seuss Apron on. As soon as he saw it, he claimed it, and it was all over! It didn't take long to put it on him, and he was very happy to walk around the house while wearing it for a while. Afterward, he asked for some bowls, measuring cups and a wooden spoon and told me that he needed to 'make stuff'. I was then asked if I wanted to wear MY apron, which is very pretty, but not nearly as cool as Balian's! We played chefs for a while, and then moved on to playing with play dough. Balian now has an appropriately sized apron that he can wear when we do toddler projects, arts and crafts, when we're cooking or baking together, or just for pretend play.

The apron is incredibly easy to clean- I just wipe it with a warm, soapy cloth, and voila- clean apron! I love anything that saves me time!  What I really can't wait to see, is how it holds up against birthday cupcakes at the big party! I'm sure those cupcakes will be no match for this super apron from Charlie's Place, as it has already conquered mac and cheese, among other messes! Not having to spot treat Balian's clothing is super nice! Thanks, Kate!

Charlie's Place does have adorable aprons for the kiddos, but Kate also creates lots of other wonderful handmade items, like...

Large Wet Bag - waterproof, Michael Miller spa collection, modern, burst, fun
Wet Bags (A MUST have, if you use cloth diapers, and a good idea, otherwise!)

Baby Blanket Minky DOUBLE SIDED- Robert Kaufman dinosaur, dino dudes, boy, red, orange, brown, modern
Baby Blankets

Diaper and Changing Pad All-In-One - Michael Miller Swing Baby Collection, modern, tree, baby, nursery
Diaper Changing Sets

Pacifier Clip - fabric universal, Michael Miller, yellow, grey, black, modern, neutral
Paci Clips

Charlie's Place is the place to be, if you're looking for a special gift! The wipeable apron sure has made the birthday boy feel super special! You'll have to tune in after 10/20 to see how the apron was used at Balian's birthday party, when I post the big Birthday Bash blog post!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase all of the wonderful items featured here, as well as many more, by visiting Charlie's Place on Etsy! Charlie's Place is also on Facebook, so be sure to swing by the page and give it a 'like,' while you're there! Be sure to tell Kate that you found her on Mommy's Block Party!

Special thanks to Kate of Charlie's Place for sending us this wonderful, Seussical apron to review and for helping us make this birthday bash so special!

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Disclosure: I was sent the above featured product free of charge by the sponsor for review purposes. All opinions shared are my own. Your experience may differ.

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