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Baby Boy or Baby Girl- Want to Find Out?

There are so many baby gender tests around that finding the best one is quite mind-boggling. How
seriously are you going to take the results of the gender test? If you just want to do things “for fun” then
you can carry out many simple gender tests at home without the need of any laboratory. However, if
you want to know the gender of your child and wish to have an accurate result, you should consider a
DNA test.

Home do-it-yourself gender tests include the Drano test, the Cabbage test, the ring test and the Chinese
calendar (to mention a few). These tests are fun and really popular with moms-to-be. It must be said
that they are not accurate or in any way scientific so you might wish to keep this is mind. Scientific
means of establishing whether you are carrying a baby boy or a baby girl include DNA testing of a
blood samples, a urine DNA test and of course, the ultrasound (to be noted, however, that this latter
important prenatal test should not be used just to discover the sex of the baby - the FDA does not
recommend it).

Moreover, unlike ordinary DNA testing such as paternity testing and relationship DNA tests, gender DNA
testing samples cannot be collected by oral swabs. Samples used for such tests must either be blood
samples or urine samples.

Can DNA baby gender testing be considered to be more accurate than ultrasound?

Ultrasound is only based on observation of a scan video image of the fetus itself. By merely detecting
the presence of the penis one can determine if the baby is male or female. Unfortunately there are
some cases where the baby is positioned in a way that the video image produced by the ultrasound is
not able to see this. It is in these cases that the DNA baby gender test is considered to be better than
ultrasound. The DNA baby gender test is based on scientific proof whilst the ultrasound test is based on
simple observation. So it is correct to say that the DNA test is more accurate than the ultrasound test.

Is a baby gender test really worth the cost?

If you find yourself feeling really eager and you really can't wait to find out the sex of your baby then the
cost of the baby gender DNA test is worth it’s value. If you just enjoy the playing the guessing game until
the birth of the baby, then a home baby gender test like the Cabbage test or the ring test can be fun.

It can be really exciting to be able to give news to your friends and family that you are having a boy or
girl. It is also much less stressful to be able to start planning for your baby whilst you are still in your
early weeks your pregnancy and isn’t it better to be able to receive gifts at your baby shower party that
are specifically for a boy or girl.

Which test is the best, the blood test or the urine test?

The blood test has been around for much longer on the market than the urine test. It can be considered
to be lower in price and easier to proceed with. But ultimately the most important factor of this test
is the accuracy. With an accuracy rate of 99%, the urine test definitely beats the blood test with its
95% rate. Even though there is a slight difference you just cannot risk obtaining wrong results. What
are a few dollars more in comparison to the peace of mind of proceeding with the most accurate test
possible? In the future as this test becomes more popular it is foreseen for the price to come down. But
one must take into consideration that this test is an actual DNA test performed by scientists in a highly
accredited laboratory.

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