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What's for Dinner? Crock Pot Chicken Parm Recipe

I'll admit it- I am no expert when it comes to cooking. I like to try different things, but have some pretty picky eaters at my dining table, which limits what I am willing to spend time cooking. Our week nights are pretty hectic- and they're about to get a little crazier. Wednesdays are going to become pretty interesting. Sacha works until 5 PM, but Balian and I will be going to church at 4 PM on Wednesdays, and will be home around 5:45 PM. Sacha will have to be at church around 6:30 PM, for instrumental ensemble rehearsal, and then choir rehearsal at 7:30 PM. This leaves me zero time to come home and make dinner, and very little time for us to eat together, as a family, before Sach has to be at church. So, in a desperate attempt to bring us together, I decided it's time to learn to master the art of Crock Pot cooking.

My husband is not a fan of meals made in the crock pot- so I will have to come up with interesting takes on old favorites. Every Wednesday, my goal is to try out a new crock pot dinner, and post about it on Thursday. I need to have it thrown together and ready to go around 2:30 PM, so it will be finished around 5:30 PM, when I get home.

I haven't used my crock pot in a super long time. It's sort of like getting reacquainted with an old friend. I decided to start off with something delicious, and familiar:

Crock Pot Chicken Parm

3-4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 Egg
4-5 tbsp Breadcrumbs
1 Cup Mozzarella Cheese
1 Jar Marinara Sauce


Pour the olive oil into the crock pot, to coat it. In a prep tray, beat the egg, add chicken and then dredge in the breadcrumbs. Place chicken into the crock pot. Cover with Mozzarella cheese. Cover with marinara sauce. Place lid on the crock pot and cook on low for 5-6 hours or on high for 2 1/2-3 hours. Serve with pasta, salad, bread (whatever you like).

Chicken is breaded and in the crock pot!

Covered with cheese...

Covered with my homemade tomato sauce and ready to be cooked! 

I put more cheese on top, covered with the lid and let it melt on the 'keep warm' setting.

The finished product- a yummy supper! 
Don't be like my hubby and load up on noodles- cut the noodles and have a salad! 

This is a super yummy dish that the whole family will love. If you have left over chicken, save it, and use the chicken and sauce to make chicken parm subs for lunch the next day.

Ready to try it? 
Go find your crock pot and get cooking!

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  1. That looks super yummy!!! Is the chicken raw when you put it in?


  2. This looks soooo delicious! Will have to try it out, thank you!

  3. We're making it for dinner tomorrow, ill let you know how it turns out!

  4. This looks absolutely delicious. I want to try this pretty darn soon.

  5. This looks good have to try this

  6. I woke up this a.m set on using my slow cooker this weekend...and I've even got leftover tomato sauce in the fridge. You just made my planning easier :)

  7. Mmm, I'm surprised you had any leftovers!

  8. Oh My Gosh! This looks and sounds so Yummy! I pinned the recipe to my Pinterest board. This is a must have. I can't wait to try it. We love Chicken Parm.. Thankyou for sharing.

  9. I definitely have to try this awesome recipe~ My husband would love it. He likes chicken and Parmesan cheese, I have a new crockpot . So I am all ready!! Thankyou for sharing this Delicious recipe..

  10. oooh I love chicken parm and don't have it that often as it is so messy - this is easy and sounds delish - and I would make the salad, too!

  11. Oh yum! This looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!


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