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Velata with Kim Getchell (Review & Giveaway)

You know, sometimes a girl just needs her chocolate. Sound familiar? I am definitely one of those girls who needs to have a chocolate stash for emergencies! One of my favorite ways to enjoy chocolate is melted. My hubby and I enjoyed our second chocolate fondue experience a few months ago at a local restaurant, and it was delicious- but terribly expensive! I've always wanted to try chocolate fondue at home, but had no idea where to start with that idea, or what kinds of tools I would need. Sure, I have seen tiny fondue warmers, where you use a tealight in just about every discount store I've ever stepped foot in- but I want a real fondue experience.

A few months back, I caught word that Scentsy was rolling out a new business under the Scentsy family tree... and it was going to be all about chocolate- fondue, in fact. I watched for little bits of info here and there from a few Scentsy consultants that I'm friends with on Facebook, and started seeing words like 'warmers,' and 'chocolate.' I thought- how interesting will it be for Scentsy to do chocolate fondue warmers? Well, they did it! Scentsy unleashed Velata- Fun Fondue, and now, experiencing chocolate at home, will never be the same!

Presented by Kim Getchell

Kim Getchell, Velata Super Star Consultant, was eager to help Mommy's Block Party spread the word about Velata. Since it's only been on my personal radar for a few months, this is a company that we've never featured, with products that we'd never tried. Kim wanted me to have the ultimate chocolate fondue experience with Velata, so she agreed to send me a warmer (I got to choose the color!), chocolate, and accessories for a super fun review. Kim was great to work with, answering my questions, and being very timely with sending out the review items. I knew that she would be placing an order for me, and that the order would come straight to my door, from Velata.

Here's my package from Velata- I love the whimsical design on the box!

It didn't take long for my precious chocolate to arrive- just about a week, in fact. Fed Ex delivered, and I hurried to the dining room table with my package to see what was inside. I was greeted by a whole lotta chocolately goodness. Kim outdid herself, and seriously hooked me up for this review!

My goodies from Kim: 4 Pouches of Velata's Premium Chocolate, A Warmer, Lid, and extra Fondue Forks!

Kim sent me four pouches of chocolate, and I was more than excited to give them a try! I received Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Caramel Milk Chocolate!

Velata Milk and Caramel Milk Chocolate... $7.00/each

Velata Dark and White Chocolate... $7.00/each

After I'd drooled over these chocolate pouches long enough, I decided it was time to give them a try! Kim sent me the beautiful Noir Velata Fondue Warmer, from the Individual Collection. This warmer, and the color really seemed to match our family's sort of classic and traditional style, and Kim was all for sending me a warmer that would suit us, and what we like. Thanks, Kim!

The Noir Velata Fondue Warmer- $40.00

When we found some family time to give the Velata Fondue Warmer a try, we'd just spent the day setting up running, and cleaning up a yard sale at our house. So, we were pretty beat, and I was ready to relax!
Fresh out of the shower, I wanted and needed chocolate, so I headed for the Velata Fondue Warmer, grabbed some food, and a pouch of Velata Chocolate.

The contents of the box that held the Fondue Warmer...

The components to the Velata Fondue Warmer are pretty low-key, and there are detailed step by step instructions that come with every warmer, which I was glad for. I removed everything from the box, and found- the warmer, the light bulb, the fondue pot, and four fondue forks. All of this came with the warmer. Additionally, Kim sent me an extra set of four forks, and a lid for the fondue pot.

The warmer was incredibly easy to use! I screwed in the bulb, placed the fondue pot on top of the warmer, and then plugged the warmer in. There is a high and a low setting on the warmer, so I turned it to low, while I  worked on the chocolate.

Getting closer to tasting- just have to get the chocolate ready!

Using the chocolate is also super easy! I selected the pouch that I wanted to use- we decided to try the white chocolate first, and then placed the pouch in the microwave for about 45 seconds. I removed the pouch, and kneaded the chocolate, as directed, to smooth out any lumps. After that, I removed the cap from the chocolate pouch, and squeezed the chocolate into the pot on top of the warmer. I let the chocolate get warm, and then we were ready to taste it!

Look at this- so creamy and smooth!

I wanted the chocolate just warmed through, because Balian, my 23-month-old, loves chocolate, and was excited when he heard that he was going to get to dip his own pretzels into the chocolate. We had a big bag of pretzel sticks, and I had fresh strawberries, so we brought those out, and got to dipping! I very carefully allowed Balian to dunk the end of his pretzel stick into the fondue warmer, while I held him, and guided his little hand. We made sure the chocolate was only just warm, and not at all hot.

I had the honor of dipping the first pretzel stick- yum!

Balian- totally licking all of the chocolate off of the pretzel.

After Balian was content, I was ready to get those strawberries into the chocolate. Now, I have to be honest- I'm not a fan of white chocolate, but for the sake of this review, I decided I would suck it up, and give it a go... and I'm glad I did! This is the most delicious, creamiest white chocolate I have ever experienced, and I think I've been converted! The white chocolate blended so well with the fresh strawberry taste! I couldn't get enough of it!

Look at this! Hungry?

Excuse the wet hair, here... I am ready to taste this chocolate!

Once I got going with the strawberries, it was hard to stop!

More, please!

Eventually, when we'd had our fill, we decided to clean up. The chocolate was so delicious! I loved it with the strawberries, and loved the sweet and salty combo of the chocolate covered pretzels! My husband is crazy about white chocolate, and he gave the Velata Premium White Chocolate two thumbs up!

Clean up was easy! I turned the warmer off, and lit it cool, then covered the pot with the lid, removed the whole thing from the warmer, and put it in the refrigerator. The next morning, the white chocolate remains had hardened, and I literally just popped the white chocolate disk out of the fondue pot. I placed it into a ziploc bag, and put it back into the fridge. I wiped the pot and lid clean, and we were ready to use it again!

A couple of days later, I was ready to try the milk chocolate. I decided that right after lunch time, I would warm the milk chocolate, and make a snack for later in the day.

The milk chocolate in the Noir Warmer from Velata- getting nice and warm.

I decided to dip a few of the pretzel sticks into the chocolate, as well as a few of the strawberries, to get them coated, and then stick them into the refrigerator to harden, so we could enjoy chocolate covered treats after Balian's afternoon nap.

This little beauty is ready for a milk chocolate bath...

Here we go- coating the strawberries with the milk chocolate...

Being able to coat and cover the pretzels and strawberries this way worked like a dream! I always want to make chocolate covered things, but hate working with a double boiler, and hate melting chocolate in the microwave. You have to mess with it, and then you have to keep it at just the right temperature, so it doesn't get too thick, or hard. It just makes a big mess- and I hate messes!

I know- I should have used wax paper. We didn't have any, so I had to use the plate.
Don't these look gorgeous, though?!

Mommy didn't forget about Balian- here are his pretzel sticks...

Both plates went into the fridge for about two hours, giving the chocolate a chance to harden. Later that afternoon, we enjoyed these yummy snacks! The strawberries were incredible! Much better than the ones you may shell out $2.00/each for at a chocolate shop!

What excites me about the warmer is how much fun it is to use- for every age! The beautiful Noir Warmer is going to be a huge help to me, in making some birthday party treats for Balian's birthday party in October. I want to get big pretzel rods, cover them in white chocolate, and blue and red sugar, to match out Cat in the Hat party theme! I also want to set up the warmer at the party, and have fresh strawberries, marshmallows, and graham crackers for the guests to dip!

We haven't tried the Caramel Milk or the Dark Chocolate yet- but I can only imagine how incredible they are! I am hanging onto those for the next time our family gets together for game night. It'll be a lot of fun to turn on the warmer, set out a couple of platters of fruits, and cakes, crack open a nice bottle of wine, and enjoy each other's company!

Velata has so many beautiful warmers to choose from- to suit every style! Check some of these out!

Blue Razz Curve Warmer

Huckleberry Pedestal Warmer

Rouge Warmer

Velata is a wonderful company, and if you've ever tried any of the Scentsy products, you already know the amazing value and quality that you can expect. Velata is no exception! From the chocolate to the warmers and the accessories, these are stellar products. Why purchase a Velata Fondue Warmer? Enjoy chocolate fondue, safely, in the comfort of your own home. It's portable- take it to a party or get together! Host a girl's night, and enjoy! Enjoy this with your family- anytime! Velata makes a great gift! Think appreciation gifts, birthday gifts, CHRISTMAS gifts, etc...

Want It? Buy It!

Please do head to Kim's personal Velata website to see all of the available warmers, chocolates and accessories! You will be glad you did! If you have any questions about the products, need help placing an order, or if you're interested in the incredible business opportunity through Velata, and would like to join Kim's Velata team, leave a comment on this post, or feel free to contact Kim, directly! Need to get your Scentsy on? Kim's website is pretty cool- you can get to her Scentsy website from the bottom of her Velata website!

Want It? Win It!

One SUPER, SUPER lucky reader will win the Alotta Velata Package from Kim. This includes: 2 Velata Fondue Warmers (of the winner's choice), 6 Pouches of Premium Chocolate (of choice), and lids for the warmers! Oh, my goodness! This all goes to ONE winner! Kim hooked me up, and she's gonna hook the winner up, too- this is amazing! Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win- and share with your friends!

Special thanks to Kim G. for sending us these awesome Velata products to try in out home, and for offering this incredible giveaway for our readers! Our life just got a little sweeter!

Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent the above featured items free of charge for review purposes, directly from the sponsor. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ. MBP and its team members are not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.


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