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Toy Qube (Review)

Balian's birthday is just about a month away. I feel so disorganized. Last year, I was totally on top of planning his first birthday party, I had his presents in hand and wrapped a month before the party, and this year, well- I just don't know where the time has gone. Before I know it, he'll be two, and Christmas will be here!

I have been searching high and low for a great place to find birthday presents for my sweet little B Man. Though there are toys available at every turn in local stores, and online, I just don't want to settle for what's popular or hot in the toy world. I want to be able to present my child with something that will stimulate his mind- get him thinking, talking, and learning.


I came across a new toy company, Toy Qube, on Facebook a few weeks ago. I was on the hunt for some new, different toys, and Toy Qube was one of the first pages that popped up in my search. I headed to the Toy Qube website, and loved what I found: toys that looked a little familiar (by brand name), and others which I'd never even heard of before. I took my chances, and reached out to Toy Qube owner, Jesus, who kindly responded with an offer to send us a toy to review, along with reviewing the Toy Qube website.

I had no idea what Jesus would select to sent to Balian. All he really knew of B, was his gender, and age. While we waited for our package to arrive from Toy Qube, I spent some time investigating their company, and the brands they carry.

I was pleasantly surprised to see familiar brands like P'kolina, Melissa and Doug, and a few others. I also saw brands that I'd not heard of, which I thought was beyond cool!

The great thing about Toy Qube, is that when a customer goes to the website, they can immediately start browsing and shopping by age, category, or by brand! I need toys that are on track for Balian's age and stages of development, so I can easily select products that are appropriate for my soon-to-be two year old. The website is colorful, but not cartoon-y or silly. It's to the point, and extremely user friendly, and easy to navigate. All of the categories, and search options are clearly marked, so that even someone who's not so internet savvy, will be able to find their way around this wonderful website and make an informed decision and purchase.

P'kolino Geared Shape Sorter Robot- 2011 Parents Best Toys

It only took a couple of days for our Toy Qube package to arrive. I'm not sure who was more excited to see what was in the box- me or Balian! We we opened the package, we found a P'kolino Geared Shape Sorter Robot. Way cool! This challenging wooden toy, is appropriate for ages 12 mo +, and asks a lot of little ones. Balian has a short little fuse, and easily becomes frustrated with shape sorters. I was almost afraid to give this toy to him, because I didn't want to see it go flying across the room minutes later. 

Balian is ready to rip this box open and get to playing!

Nice to meet you, Mr. Robot!

Balian spent half the morning playing with his new robot shape sorter! 
This has quickly become a family favorite!

The P'kolino Geared Shape Sorter presents a challenge- each hole for the shape block, is surrounded by a gear that can be twisted and turned. The gear has to be exactly lined up with the hole, in order for the shape to fit and go through. To my surprise, Balian jumped right in, and tried and tried, until he got the gears turned to where they were supposed to be, and pushed the wooden shapes through! We've been pointing out colors to Balian, and he quickly and easily recognizes them, and is also starting to recall his shapes. This toy has been a big help- a teaching aid for mommy, and lots of fun to play with!

Features of the P'kolino Geared Shape Sorter:

Ages 12 mo +
Wood and Acrylic
4 lbs
Helps to improve fine motor skills and develop shape and color recognition

We couldn't be happier with this wonderful toy that Jesus chose to send to us. This selection just goes to show that Toy Qube knows their toys- they know what kinds of toys will appeal to children of all ages, and they aim to make finding and purchasing educational toys easy for parents, and other customers!

Check out some other great products you can find on the Toy Qube website...

Melissa and Doug Sand Set

Janod Original DIY Truck

Lion Pull Toy

I am so impressed by the incredible selection of toys available from Toy Qube, and can't wait to share this website with my family and friends. Everyone will be wanting to get Balian something fun for his big day, and  now I know where to send them! Make Toy Qube your one stop shop for all of your toys needs- for little one, and big kids, too! There's something for everyone!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase these featured toys, and many more on the Toy Qube website! Check out all of the cool toy categories, and don't forget to browse the sale section! Right now, you can receive free shipping on orders over $99.00, and enjoy 10% off your purchase of $25.00 or more! Just enter the promo code:  10offhand at checkout!

Toy Qube is also on Facebook, and their page is fairly new- so be sure to swing by and show them some love! In fact- tell them you found them on MBP!

Special thanks to Jesus and the entire Toy Qube family for allowing us to experience excellent customer service, and a fantastic browsing/shopping experience, as well as a fun learning experience with a beloved new toy!

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Disclosure: I received the above featured product, free of charge, directly from the sponsor, for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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