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The Perfect DIY Princess Pajama Party

Princess pajama parties are some of the most popular parties for girls.  They get to dress up, watch movies and act like royalty.  What’s even more fun is when you can tie in crafts and DIY ideas for the girls so that they can get even more involved, use their imaginations and also have things that they made that they can take home.  Here are some DIY ideas for your girls for a DIY princess pajama party. 

Building Castles

When you think of princesses, you think of the castles they live in.  That’s why when the girls begin to arrive you can have them build or decorate their own royal housing.  Here are two options that are fun for the girls and help set the theme and night for a fabulous princess party.

1.  Pre cut brick walls from Styrofoam. 

Go to the hardware store and buy the thick Styrofoam insulation or Styrofoam boards.  Then when you get home, take a grill or stove lighter and burn out a mortar pattern to create bricks into the Styrofoam.  You can also tap the flame near the bricks to give them more depth.  Now cut the sides like puzzle pieces and you can connect them together to make a three sided castle.  Once you’ve created the bricks, you can paint them grey with white or black cement in between or pink and purple like a princess castle.  The other option is to have the girls paint the bricks and castle, but you need the paint to be able to dry fast. 

2.  Cardboard castles

The easier way to do this is to take 2 large cardboard boxes and cut off to sides, the flaps and the top.  Now take the two of the side panels and duct tape them to the side of the boxes to give the castle length and the other to flaps to the other side to create an extra long wall for the front. 

For both:

You can cut bricks out of the top to give a real castle look and you can also take extra Styrofoam board or cardboard and create drawbridges to get into the castles.  Just lay them on the entry way for the girls to get in. 

For the kids:

Now it’s the kids turn to have fun.  Have glitter, feathers, rhinestones, animal print outs, markers and anything else you can think of that they would want to decorate their castles with.  When the girls arrive, split them up into two teams and have the teams start decorating their castles.  These castles are going to be used throughout the night and the girls can sleep with their teams in them if you bring them inside your house.  Once the castles are completed, have the girls name them and that name is also their team name.  “The princesses of Castle Name”. 

Creating a story and a play

Using your imagination is the perfect thing for a Princess party, so have the teams huddle in their castles when they finish decorating and create a play that they have to act out.  You should also have a prize for the winning play (which a panel of parents can vote on) and then the girls will have to act them out.  You can help them with ideas, but they have to incorporate the things they creates on the designs like animal printouts, why their castle glitters, etc… into their play. 

Once the plays are written, the girls have 10 minutes to set up the inside of their castle to be able to act it out.  Then they have to get their costumes ready. 


This is the next crafts station for the girls.  You can set it up while they are busy writing their plays.  What you’ll need are tool tutus that are floor length (You can make these easily with tool and elastic as well as a needle and thread to sew a seam) and things to decorate them like glitter, rhinestones and other light things that won’t weight them down and will make them sparkle.  You’ll need paper plate tiaras or paper crowns (just take cardboard or a heavy paper and cut out tiara shapes then place elastic so they can put it under their chin to keep it in place or create a circle and cut out a crown pattern on the top then glue the crowns closed.) for them to decorate with feathers, etc… and a paper plate or blank mask decorating station if the girls want to make masks for their characters. 

Once the masks, dresses (tutus) and crowns or tiaras are done, it’s time to get changed into their footed pajamas or their pajamas and favorite slippers and then put on their costumes to get ready for their parade and performance.  (The footed pajamas and girls slippers  are for keeping their feet clean and safe when they walk into the room or their castles, especially if they have to go outside.). 

The Play:

Now that the costumes are done and the parent judges are ready to watch, it’s time for the princess pajamas parade.  Have all of the parents waiting and walk the girls through the yard where the neighbors can cheer them on like their loyal subjects.  Then have the princesses welcome the neighbors to watch their plays and cheer their teams on.  Once everyone is in the backyard or the room where the castles are, it’s time to have the girls put on their play. 

Once the plays are done, you can have the judges vote and then give the winning team a prize.  You’ll also want to take pictures of the teams because it is something fun that they will always remember.  When the plays are over, it’s the perfect time to have them eat cake, dinner and open presents. 

Princess birthday parties are some of the most fun parties.  Everyone loves them and they are even better when you make it a DIY party.  The girls love getting to have tiaras and princess gowns to take home and everyone will be worn out after running around all day so you’ll have a nice quiet night where you can sleep when the kids go to bed. 

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