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Switching to a New Multivitamin

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always hated and have had a problem with swallowing pills. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago, I suddenly became much more health-conscious. I wanted to start taking better care of my body, because I wanted to be around for a long time. I knew that I wanted to marry my best friend, and to one day be a mother, too- so it only seemed fitting that I start doing everything in my power to remain healthy and strong for my family, and my future family, as well.

My sister and I started poking around the drug stores, trying different multivitamins. We finally landed on a women's health vitamin, but I had a lot of trouble taking them, because they were huge horse pill vitamins. When I was little, my mom used to have to crush pills up and put them in my food- but I feel that to do that now, would be so silly. I'm not into gummy vitamins, or the ones that look like wrapped chocolate candies. I wished there were an easier way for me to take these big pills, because I knew that I really needed those vitamins to help keep me strong.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered liquid multivitamins. Being able to drink my multivitamin, rather than struggle with swallowing big pills that are just bound to get stuck in the back of my throat is a welcome change!  Taking liquid multivitamins has really changed the way I feel about taking vitamins, in general. Even with my busy schedule, I now get up every morning, and take my 'vitamin shot'. It tastes great, and in taking just a couple of tablespoons a day, I am getting all of the essential daily recommended vitamins that will aid my body's function and performance. Taking a daily multivitamin is important to me, and taking a vitamin in front of my husband and my son, will hopefully instill a want in them to take care of  themselves, as well. I can't wait until my soon-to-be two year old can begin taking a children's multivitamin- images of standing in the kitchen with my little sister, holding our hands out, waiting for our mom to give us our daily chewable vitamin, flood my mind. I am hoping that by my son watching his mommy take a daily liquid multivitamin, he'll  grow up, knowing how important it is to take care of himself.

Do you take a daily multivitamin? 
Ever thought about switching to a liquid multivitamin?

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