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Switching from an Android Phone to an iPhone

All of my friends are talking about their new iPhones. Since the iPhone 5 just came out, tons of my pals have already got theirs. I've definitely been thinking about switching from my Android to an iPhone, because my phone has given me nothing but problems. As I've been researching the iPhone 5, and all of its awesomeness, I am also finding lots of cool iPhone 5 accessories.

iPhone 5 Stylus Pen Green
Loving this green Stylus Pen- it's so my color!

Since I own an Android phone, I've never really had a need for many phone accessories, but the more I browse Mobile Madhouse, the more cool stuff I find for the iPhone 5! Cool stuff aside, I really think that having an iPhone might help to keep me more organized. On my current phone, I have a calendar and everything, but all of my apps are so jammed together, and sometimes things are hard to find, so I just don't end up using my phone the way I ought to. I need to keep better track of my schedule (I've been double-booking myself for meetings lately), and my free time, so I can spend more time with my family.

iPhone 5 X-Line Case Black

I tend to drop my phone- a lot, so an iPhone 5 case would be a must-have accessory, if I made the big switch. And because I have a toddler who loves to mess with, press buttons, and bang my phone against the coffee table, a cover may not be a bad idea, either. Accidents happen- that's for sure. My sister told me just last week that she dropped her brand new phone into her dog's water bowl. Yikes! Protecting my new phone would definitely be a top priority!

My mother-in-law was talking about making some Apple purchases the other day, and I am glad that I can share a great place to find premium Apple accessories. Now, if only I could decide whether or not I actually want to take this big leap! Seems like it might be a scary transition. I'll have to read up a little more on iPhone 5 tips and tricks to be sure that this is something I really want to do. I can't wait to tell all of my friends who do have iPhones about these cool accessories, though- they're going to love them!

Which do you have- an Android Phone or an iPhone?

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